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 355 Bug ReportInstaller Installer in Trunk r2032 errors without explanation. Closed2008-06-01 Task Description

With Trunk Revision 2032 The installer fails on an error but the installer does not say what the error is:

Upgrading Photo Organizer DB v 2.35.A
* Upgrading database structure...OK
Upgrading Photo Organizer DB v 2.35.B
* Upgrading database structure...OK
Upgrading Photo Organizer DB v 2.36.A
o Migrating filter
o Migrating flash
o Migrating scanner
o Migrating support
o Migrating lens
Correct the above errors, and try again. We will pick up where we left off.

In the sql directory there are the following sql files.


It's unclear if 2.36.A is where the install is supposed to stop or if it should apply the other files.

Also there is not file which might suggest that 2.36.a is where the install is supposed to stop.

 352 Bug ReportBackend / Core When Editing User, Generated Email always says bulk upl ...Closed2008-04-28 Task Description

When editing a user, the admin pages says that bulk uploads are enabled. but the email generated says disabled.

 351 Bug ReportBackend / Core $po_options["local_bulk_upload_path"] gets clobbered in ...Closed2008-05-27 Task Description

From the current svn devel. revision 2028.

Around line 106 when the $_SESSION['po_options'] is merged with $po_options it's clobbering $po_options["local_bulk_upload_path"].

$_SESSION['po_options']["local_bulk_upload_path"] ia aet to an empty string. Where it should either not be set, or it should contain a value of the upload path?

I'm setting $po_options["local_bulk_upload_path"] in my config_site.php

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