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 406 Feature RequestBackend / Core resource password storing Closed2009-05-26 Task Description


I'd like my clients to have resource passwords stored somewhere (preferably user preferences, or user database entry), so that they don't have to enter the password repeatedly (and I don't want them stored in the po_options configuration field, as not all clients have access to all/the same password protected resources). Am I missing the way how to do it? Can it already be done? How?

Thanks a lot


315Feature RequestBackend / CoreAllow filtering/finding photos matching criteria in Pro...Unconfirmed2008-01-06 Task Description

This one probably relates to other search-related Feature Requests. But to be specific.

When I'm displaying my Profile pages, I can see for example how many photos were shot with a specific lens, how many were shot with a certain camera, how many were shot on a particular film. But there is no quick way to display the photos matching the one criterion - it does not need to be a complex search, it should display photos only according to the one condition. It could be accessed by a simple link next to the count of photos (or clicking the count number itself?)

Thanks a lot

Jiri Vasina

 314 Feature RequestUser Interface Displaying film type with format in photo editing Closed2008-01-06 Task Description

If editing photo details (or adding a photo), current version does only display film type and *not* the size. It can be misleading if I have one film type in several sizes and want to choose the appropriate one. So I want to display also the size in the combo. I did some looking around and it has a quick fix:

in the file "include/common.php"
in function "display_photo_tech_form"
change the line

$users_film = pg_query($database, "select identifier, name, model, iso from view_film where users=$po_user[id]");


$users_film = pg_query($database, "select identifier, name, model, iso, format from view_film where users=$po_user[id]");

does it all.

(I'd like this modification not be lost when I do a next update. Though, if you think it's unnecessary, or bad and don't want to include it, it's OK. I'll have to modify my files by hand).

Thanks a lot


 205 Feature RequestBackend / Core Per folder volume Closed2009-08-14 Task Description

I think it would be useful to have the possibility of several active "volumes" (physical storage directories with respective size limits) and assign specific volume to a specific folder. (and have a default one, too)

This way I could separately store (and later backup) pictures from different cameras - in my case separate volume for digital capture and separate for medium format films - and back up them when they fill up.

I think also others might find this feature useful...

Thanks a lot

185Feature RequestBackend / CoreDevelopment / printing informationUnconfirmed2008-01-06 Task Description

I capture the majority of photos on film, process it myself, print or scan it myself. A lot of people my do the same. I would like to see an option to note down the way I developed the film. IMO it would be best done in the following fashion:

have a table with development instructions (could have fields like: "id"?, "name", "developer", "dillution", "time", "agitation", "temperature", "notes"). The editing would be done in a similar way as for locations. This info would than be linked (through the id field?) as a technical informaion for the photo.

If there was the possibility to enter these information, I would not have to have a separate database/excel sheets noting this down.

Thanks a lot


184Feature RequestUser InterfaceFormat (film size) editingUnconfirmed2007-05-04 Task Description

There is no easy way to add/edit the list of film format sizes appart from editing the database (or using a tool like phpPgAdmin). It would be nice and IMO simple to implement a way to add/edit a Film size option.

 172 Bug ReportBackend / Core Image linking Closed2007-03-21 Task Description

I think it would be wise to allow a version of an image to be linked to an Album - I may have a master picture in the folder and one of the versions could be a panoramic crop or greyscale version. In that case, I want to link only the resulting picture to the Album, not the master picture. I know that a temporary solution could be to have the final image as a separate file, but that would loose the idea to keep everything together...

In current version, I can only link the master image to an Album, not perfect IMO.

 171 Feature RequestBackend / Core Multiple filters image parameter Closed2008-03-02 Task Description

Actually it is possible to select a single filter used when capturing an image. The case in reality is usually such that multiple filters are used (for example a Cokin gradual density filter and a polarizer). It would be good if there was a possibility to select multiple filters.

 161 Feature RequestBackend / Core Remove of getallheaders PHP call Closed2007-01-17 Task Description

The call to a "getallheaders" is used in image.display.php module (and maybe elsewhere). This routine is Apache specific (works only if PHP is installed as an Apache module), thus limiting the usable web servers. It would be great to rewrite it so it doesn't use server-specific functions if possible.

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