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 648 TODOServices Work out transition plan for rockbox Closed2020-06-20 Task Description

Shaftnet is all but certian to host rockbox. Put together a transition plan for each service. Still need an enumerated list of all services and their requirements (eg php, database(s), etc)

 647 Feature RequestCommon Code allow CORRTABLE_PATH to be overridden at runtime Closed2020-02-16 Task Description

Primarily for testing purposes. Right now it's hardcoded at compile time.

 646 Feature RequestServices Set up a 'matrix' server Closed2020-03-27 Task Description

Probably 'synapse' -- if it can be tied to authenticating against the local server, and auto-creating users..

 645 Bug ReportConnectivity fix no ssh logins on ixodidae Closed2020-03-27 Task Description

DEfault on F31 toggled to disallowing root logins. But there were no non-root accounts. Correct this next time I'm there in person.

644TODOHardwareReplace internal case fans on tick farm serverAssigned2020-02-12 Task Description

three of the four fans have failed, the fourth is not long for this world. 80mm 3pin fans.

 643 TODOHardware replace failing case fan on shaftnet Closed2020-03-17 Task Description

80mm exhaust fan in the expansion slot bay is barely working. Replace with one of the new spares floating around

 642 Bug ReportMitsubishi CP-Dxx family Faint yellow-ish bands visible on a predominantly white ...Closed2020-02-27 Task Description

Does not happen on the official Mac drivers, but Gutenprint + lib70x shows it.

Best guess is that we have an inverted sign or off-by-one error in a compensation function that's causing the yellow channel to not get scaled correctly.

641TODOCommon CodeRewrite README into more structured ocumentationNew2020-03-05 Task Description

I'd like to use this as an opportunity to learn ReStructuredText, and the Sphinx documentation system.

How far I take this is another matter..

 640 Feature RequestDNP/Citizen Add support for the new DNP QW410 and Citizen CZ-01 Closed2020-04-24 Task Description

4" and 4.5" media widths, compact dimensions, decurl support.. nice little guys

639TODOHiTi familyAdd job combining support for HiTi familyNew2020-01-22 Task Description

P520/P525 and P720/P750

3.5x5 -> 7x5

4x6 -> 8x6

Combined size is slightly smaller (4 and 23 rows respectively) so we'd have to trim the ends off. Not a big deal.

While I have a P520 printer, I don't have the necessary media to test this.

 638 TODOShinko CHC-S6145 Add job combining support for S6145 family  Closed2020-02-13 Task Description

aka S6145, Brava 21, S2245, M610, EK6900

These models require host-based processing, so would benefit from job combining speeding up the printing process.

Unfortunately I don't have access to any of these so I can't test anything I might write.

637TODOHardwareMigrate bulk storage and other stuff to internal serverAssigned2020-06-20 Task Description

...and get the new internal box up and running!

 636 TODOSoftware Update to Fedora 30 or 31 Closed2019-12-03 Task Description

It's that time of the year again.

635Feature RequestMitsubishi CP-Dxx familyFigure out job control / pipelining on D90 & M1New2020-03-05 Task Description

We can tell if the printer is idle or busy, but don't know how to query active jobs, free buffers, and so forth.

634Feature RequestShinko CHC-S6245/ Kodak 8810Support Panorama sizes on EK8810New2020-02-27 Task Description

EK8810 in the APEX system supports 8x18/8x26 and 8x22/8x32 sizes (plus 8x14/16/20/36?)

Figure out how to make this happen. And what needs to be done on the overlapping areas..

633Feature RequestDNP/CitizenSupport Panorama on DS620 and DS820 familiesNew2020-02-27 Task Description

DS620 supports 6x14 and 6x20" prints, and DS820 supports 8x18/8x26 and 8x20/8x32 sizes.

632Feature RequestMitsubishi CP-Dxx familySupport Panorama on CP-D90DW familyNew2020-02-27 Task Description

Printer supports combining two or three 6x8 prints into 6x14 or 6x20 panoramas. Figure out how to do this.

 631 TODOMitsubishi CP-Dxx family Add support for "Margin Cut" option on CP-D90DW Closed2020-01-19 Task Description

Found it in the "official" CUPS driver. Notes added to the backend, but still need to add it to Gutenprint (and see what it does!)

(I suspect it's a "no cut waste" setting..)

630TODOCanon Selphy CP/ESInvestigate port 59223 on wifi-enabled Selphy modelsResearching2020-02-27 Task Description

On CP900, CP910, CP1200, and CP1300, a telnet interface is present on port 59223. Upon connecting, it prompts for an unknown password.

629Feature RequestHiTi familySupport the HiTi CS-2xx card models.New2019-10-05 Task Description

HiTi supplied source code, in an "open source all rights reserved" drop

 628 Bug ReportHiTi family Flakiness with respect to job submission on P520L Closed2020-01-16 Task Description

Printer reports idle when it's not.

Also printer sometimes hangs when submitting jobs.

Vendor driver has delays sprinkled around, investigate what may be necessary.

 627 Feature RequestDNP/Citizen Report media type for DS820 in CUPS marker messages Closed2019-09-22 Task Description

There are two medias, SD and PP. We should report this (along with the size) in the marker message.

Additionally, the DS40/620/820 support a variety of "luxury" medias. Figure out if we can detect this in software, and report that too..

 626 Feature RequestCommon Code Support running on Windows Closed2020-03-27 Task Description

Cygwin and mingw initially, but ideally work this in natively..

 625 Feature RequestShinko CHC-S6245/ Kodak 8810 Support and Custom sizes and cuts on EK8810 Closed2019-12-12 Task Description

EK8810 supports arbitrary print sizes (up to media max) and full cutter control. See if it's feasible to export "custom" sizes, asymmetric sizes (eg 8x6+8x4 on 8x10 media), and maybe even allow the cutter to be directly controlled.

624Feature RequestKodak 605/70xxFigure out backprinting on Kodak 7010 and 7015Requires testing2019-09-23 Task Description

No documentation, no driver option, no idea how to drive it

623TODOServicesSet up an environmental monitoring unit on the RPi Zero...Assigned2019-07-21 Task Description

Hardware's here. Next to install the OS and proceed. If this works well, then make at least three duplicates:

  • Home indoors (perhaps more than one?)
  • Home outdoors
  • Tick Farm indoors (perhaps more than one?)
  • Tick Farm outdoors
 622 Feature RequestDNP/Citizen Support Windows Spool format for DNP printers Closed2019-07-16 Task Description

Gutenprint generates a spool file of native printer commands. The windows drivers use an intermediate format instead. To support folks printing from windows, the backend should support the windows spool format.

This will have to cover the RX1[HS], DS40, DS80, DS80DX, DS620, DS820.

 621 Bug ReportConnectivity figure out why ixodidae isn't starting the pppoe connec ...Closed2019-07-15 Task Description

... it came up without the connection. the watchdog didn't seem to work either.

 620 TODOConnectivity get ixodidae a working UPS connection Closed2019-08-06 Task Description

The UPS it's using is a tripp-lite with flaky USB comms. The other UPS lacks a data cable.

 619 TODOConnectivity Migrate to let's encrypt wildcard DNS Closed2019-08-06 Task Description

Current certificates expire August 2nd. Let's encrypt supprots wildcard certs now, so let's get one.

 618 TODOHardware Swap out camper's RPi2 with the RPi3 Closed2019-07-21 Task Description

...And use the onboard wifi as the access point.

 617 TODOMitsubishi CP-Dxx family Investigate Mitsubishi CP-M1E/M1A Closed2020-03-27 Task Description

just announced. 12s/print, 300dpi, "new engine", and 800 prints/roll.

Interestingly, they provide an ARM driver targeting Raspberry Pi systems.

Appears to still use host-based processing.

 616 TODOServices migrate from denyhosts to fail2ban (or equivalent) Closed2019-06-28 Task Description

denyhosts relies on tcp_wrappers, and as such, no longer does anything on Fedora 29+. We need something new.

 615 TODOConnectivity Migrate from jabberd2 to prosody Closed2020-03-27 Task Description

Power off jabberd2, and bring prosody online. Update config to be equivalent (pam auth, pgsql, TLS, muc, etc)

SLP is the only one using the service. It would be nice to migrate roster but as 99% is orphaned post-xmppocalypse gmail contacts there's little point.

Once prosody is online, investigate additional features it enables (eg message archival)

 614 TODOKodak 605/70xx Validate new size support and other feature additions o ...Closed2019-08-13 Task Description

Additional print sizes in latest firmware, plus all of the extra features pulled in via the Sinfonia framework (eg firmware version detection, LED blinking, status and error reporting, and so forth..)

613Feature RequestMitsubishi CP-Dxx familyFigure out how to pipeline jobsNew2019-09-06 Task Description

Right now the backend won't attempt to send anything over if a given deck is printing. However, the printer has 4*num_banks buffers that can be used to pipeline jobs!

So, try to figure out a way to overlap things. We'll have to be smarter about jobids..

 612 TODOCommon Code Unify the various Shinko/Sinfonia backends Closed2019-05-25 Task Description

For the most part, the shinko/sinfonia printers are quite similar in how they operate. There are unfortunately differences in specific commands and how some of the fields in the headers are parsed.

So, now that the backend infrastructure is decoupled from the "model name", look into unifying:

  • Sinfonia S2145
  • Sinfonia S6145
  • Sinfonia S6245
  • Kodak 605

These two are different than the others, but close to each other:

  • Sinfonia S1245
  • Kodak 6800/6850

Meanwhile, these new models are likely similar to models in the first set:

  • Sinfonia 2245
  • Kodak 7000/7010/7015
  • Sinfonia 8145
  • Kodak 8810
  • Sinfonia DP-1045
  • Kodak D4000

What I expect to do is that when/if support for one or more of these new models is implemented, it will be bolted onto an existing backend, and that will be the basis for merging in the others.

 611 Feature RequestOther printers Support Kodak 6900 (aka HiTi M610 / X610) Closed2019-05-13 Task Description

The Kodak 6900 looks to be a rebadged HiTi M610, which itself is closely related to the X610.

Figure out the spool format to get preliminary support!

 610 TODOServices Come up with physical migration plan Closed2019-07-01 Task Description

Shaftnet is moving within 6 months. It's not likely it will be able to stay at home with me, due to ISP limitations.

It should be possible to drop it into the lab at work on a spare IP address.

However, as shaftnet runs my home services too, a new system will be necessary.

So. Figure out how to split apart services, and where each should live. And so forth.

609TODOSony UP-D printersAdd support for Sony UP-D898 seriesRequires testing2019-11-15 Task Description

Unlike the D895 and D897, the jobs are wrapped in HP-PJL. No idea if the data format is equivalent.

608TODOCommon CodeMake Gutenprint more cross-compile friendlyNew2020-03-27 Task Description

The problem is that, at compile time, we rely on some host-compiled stuff to generate data files and whatnot. We need to compile the same stuff for the target.

I wonder if it may be worth moving to a more unified Make environment..

 607 Bug ReportConnectivity make taster retry forever on getting a DHCP lease. Closed2019-03-26 Task Description

 606 Bug ReportHardware Set shaftnet to unconditionally power on when power is  ...Closed2019-09-06 Task Description

Right now it remembers the last state, which in case of a clean ups-driven shutdown, is off. So when power comes back, it doesn't come back up.

Worth discussing what to do if the power comes back up before the UPS dies completely, but after we've been shut down..

605Feature RequestConnectivityMigrate to LDAP authenticationAssigned2018-12-12 Task Description

There's a path. Not sure if it's worth it or not.

 604 Feature RequestCommon Code Use a simpler URI scheme Closed2018-09-18 Task Description

Currently the URI scheme is a little convoluted:


I'd like to move to something much simpler:


Now that the core code returns a unique, per-model string that can be used to look up the backend, this is a far simpler approach to take.  We'll have to support the old scheme indefinitely though.

 603 Feature RequestMitsubishi MedSci Support using external LUT Closed2018-12-16 Task Description

The official drivers come with a file called 'P95D.lut' that consists of a 16-byte header followed by 34 bytes of LUT that neatly fit into the "gamma" header.  I see two approaches:

  1. Add another gamma enumeration, for "external LUT"
    • Have the backend read the file and fil the job at runtime
    • Permanently store the file in the backend, fill job at runtime
  2. Have Gutenprint fill in the gamma table from hardcoded value
  3. Allow gutenprint's gamma table to be overridden.

I'm thinking that pushing this into Gutenprint (hardcoded, but overridable via an option) is the right way to do this.

 602 Feature RequestCommon Code Support combining print jobs Closed2020-01-22 Task Description

As a way to prevent wasting media, when using 6x8" media, automagically combine consecutive 4x6" jobs to a single 8x6" print and submit that to the printer behind the scenes.

The D90 and Kodak 68xx do this automatically in the printer, and others (eg Mitsu D70 family) do this in the driver.

Extend the backend core to support this generically, and try to add specific support to printers/families that can use this feature.

 601 Feature RequestCommon Code Figure out a way to add a generic test harness for file ...Closed2018-05-13 Task Description

Right now there's no way to parse the input files without the printer being attached first.

Would require shimming libusb...

 600 Feature RequestCommon Code Add support for CUPS Command files Closed2018-04-28 Task Description

CUPS defines a "command filter" that gives the ability to perform some actions and queries.

  • ReportLevels -- marker-levels and whatnot.  Highly useful.
  • ReportStatus -- Once we get unified reporting in place, will be handy.
  • AutoConfigure -- Allows the PPD defaults to be updated based on printer configuration.  (!!)
  • PrintSelfTestPage -- For printers that support it
  • [and others that don't matter]

There appears to be no way to distinguish betwen a command filter vs print filter via the cmdline or environment.  traditionally these are seperate executables that expect different input data.  I'd like to figure out a way to make the backends detect the command stream vs the normal backend data, and do it all in one executable.

 599 Feature RequestMagicard family Enhance Magicard driver to allow for different options  ...Closed2018-03-18 Task Description

At minimum, the overcoat hole is different on front vs back (eg smartcard vs magstripe).

Magstripe probably only belongs on the back, smartcard on the front.

Holokote and holopatch likely need to be different too.

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