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8Feature RequestBackend / CoreBetter permission hierarchyAssigned2008-09-18 Task Description

Right now there are three permissions -- public, private, and "protected", which equates to "public only to all of my clients"

This is pretty lousy; I can certianly envision scenarios where you'd want a client to only see stuff that's specific to that client. To do this now, you have to create separate accounts and mark clients for those specific accounts.

I'd like to see a more generic hierarchical user/group model. Only the photo owner can make changes to their images, but the permission model would break down as follows:

Permissions would be granted on a per-group basis, and individual users can be members of various groups. "Guest" access would just be another group, and would default to assigned.

A permission is inherited; so if "guest" is granted access to the top-level folder, they would be allowed to see everything below it unless a more restrictive permission was specified. This is sort of similar to unix permissions with the "sticky bit" turned on.

This gets a little tricky when talking about folders vs albums, as a user may not be allowed to browse the folder, but the image could be included in a public album. When viewing the image from the folder perspective, it would be disallowed, but from the album perspective, it would be allowed.

EDIT: see

11Feature RequestBackend / CoreClean up database conventionsAssigned2008-10-03 Task Description

Most database results are being indexed by position in a fixed array, rather than by column name. This may be slightly faster, but is hell to program around, especially when there can be twenty fields being returned.

* Convert all fetch_row() calls to fetch_assoc()

Secondly, using prepared statements would make the code a lot cleaner and eliminate the need to escape strings being passed in to the database. Unfortunately, this may require PHP 5.1 to pull off, depending on the maturity of the postgres bindings for earlier versions.

* Use prepared statements and SQL variables instead of inlined data.

89Feature RequestBackend / Coreallow advanced search on any database fieldAssigned2008-04-22 Task Description

RE-do the advanced search so it's more useful -- allow any field to be searched, not just title, caption, etc etc... then build the query on the fly. This is going to be complicated, but necessary...

442Feature RequestUser InterfaceUI EnhancementsAssigned2013-01-08 Task Description

This will be a placeholder for the various ideas I have for reworking parts or all of PO's UI. Ideas that are fleshed out can be moved into their own tickets for actual implementation.

* AJAX-ish tabs on the photo page
- instead of a separate page reload for each tab, load all tab info at once and let the UI manage paging.
* Client-side sorting of all tabular data
- eg folder/album listings
* Dynamic client-side pagination of the slide view
- "dump" all slides at once, and let client-side manage their pagination?
- Probably can't sort this way though
* Lightbox-esque view of photos
- Intended for guest access, hiding details of photos.
- Slideshow capabilities
- Easy navigation (eg using left/right arrows)
* Replace ad-hoc toolbars with more coherent ones
* Replace hackish button/checkbox theming script with something saner.
* Replace wz_tooltips and js_calendar with better integrated stuff.
* Modal login/password form
- pops up on top of current page
- Can force current page to reload afterwards
- What to do about 401/403 errors?
* Replace all "confirmation" pages with modal dialogs.

I'm leaning towards Query and jQueryUI for actual implementations.

Initial implementation will probably require current themes to be taken out back and shot.

454Feature RequestServicessingle-sign-onAssigned2011-11-07 Task Description

It would be really nice to have a single signon for all shaftnet services. Currently we're sort of doing this via PAM and IMAP.

I'd prefer to do this via a postgres instance, but I'm not sure if this can be made to be robust. my old experiments with LDAP were failure-prone.

* RADIUS (?)
* system (ie PAM)
* horde
* imap/smtp
* po (?)
* $random_web_services

I definitely want flags to indicate which services are kosher. Restricting shell access in particular is important.

467Feature RequestServicesOpenID providerAssigned2013-03-06 Task Description

It would be really nice if shaftnet provided OpenID services.

520Feature RequestSony UP-D printersInvestigate Sony UP-CR20L aka DNP SL-20Requires testing2019-11-15 Task Description

Sony sold their printer line to DNP, which rebranded these two models.

Investigate their Spool format, and find out if they need an intelligent backend.

569Feature RequestMitsubishi CP9xxx familyFigure out image processing algorithms for CP-98xx fami...Requires testing2020-06-20 Task Description

They're an older-generation of the D70 family's.  Data tables are unfortunately embedded inside the drivers, which makes this a lot more challenging. Sigh.

(If nothing else, simply obtaining the RGB->YMC conversion/gamma tables would make the printers immediately useful..)

585Feature RequestZebra printersAdd support for Zebra ID card printers.New2020-03-17 Task Description

I have a P120i that is in perfect working order.

605Feature RequestConnectivityMigrate to LDAP authenticationAssigned2018-12-12 Task Description

There's a path. Not sure if it's worth it or not.

500TODOOther printersInvestigate Shinko S8145New2019-05-23 Task Description

The T1/S8145 is a fancy "silver foil" thingey with two print heads.

623TODOServicesSet up an environmental monitoring unit on the RPi Zero...Assigned2019-07-21 Task Description

Hardware's here. Next to install the OS and proceed. If this works well, then make at least three duplicates:

  • Home indoors (perhaps more than one?)
  • Home outdoors
  • Tick Farm indoors (perhaps more than one?)
  • Tick Farm outdoors
637TODOHardwareMigrate bulk storage and other stuff to internal serverAssigned2020-06-20 Task Description

...and get the new internal box up and running!

644TODOHardwareReplace internal case fans on tick farm serverAssigned2020-02-12 Task Description

three of the four fans have failed, the fourth is not long for this world. 80mm 3pin fans.

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