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 148 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Search based on date ranges ClosedDevel Task Description

I'd like to be able to search for all images within a certian date range.

 147 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Password-protected albums/folders/etc ClosedDevel1 Task Description

It would be nice if an album/folder/photo could be associated with a password. The image could be marked "protected", but if you have the matching password, it would let you in. It's an alternate to the whole "client" mess that PO currently uses, and one that's more likely to be of use to the general public.

 146 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Allow bulk update of a full search query ClosedDevel3 Task Description

Let's say I want to update every image in a folder containing the word "lillith"

Right now I have to find all of these folders, then go to the bulk update page and manually update each folder in turn.

It would be handy if we could directly pass the results of a search request into the bulk updater...

 145 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core Update existing photo Closed2.33-rc3 Task Description

Updating an existing photo (adding som keywords) failed with:

[error] PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '}' in /home/www/doc/po/photo.edit.2.php on line 90

Tried removing the "}" shows another effect: no error anymore, but keywords are not updated ...

regards, gerd

 144 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core random photo on front page Closed2.33-rc3 Task Description

Works until 2.31b (2.32b not testet)
Displaying random photos by using:
<?php site_display_random_photos($database,album,14,1,3,false); ?>
doesn't work at the moment.

error message:
[Tue Nov 28 19:41:17 2006] [error] PHP Warning: pg_query() [<a href=''></a>]: Query failed: ERROR: column photo.keyword does not exist in /home/www/doc/po/include/site.php on line 477
[Tue Nov 28 19:41:17 2006] [error] PHP Warning: pg_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid PostgreSQL result resource in /home/www/doc/po/include/site.php on line 479

best regards,


 143 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core installer: error messages in syslog  Closed2.33-rc34 Task Description

in 2.32b and 2.33-rc3 I see the following messages in /var/log/messages: [error] PHP Warning: mb_strrpos() [<a href='function.mb-strrpos'>function.mb-strrpos</a>]: Empty haystack in /home/www/doc/po/install.php on line 390

so fare, the installer finished successful (?) ...

 142 Bug ReportMediumUser Interface "Invalid login" when you haven't attempted a login Closed2.33-rc22 Task Description

When you click 'Login', you get a message saying "Invalid login" even though you haven't actually attempted to login yet. (eg. - notice where $left_string appears in the navigator status.)

Purely cosmetic but a little annoyance!

 141 Bug ReportLowUser Interface Memory limit parameter not showing on install.php Closed2.33-rc23 Task Description

In the install.php screen, the "memory limit" parameter is not showing the current value.

"Note: The current memory limit is . You may need to increase this. See the memory_limit setting in your php.ini file."

Even though in my php.ini file, it is set as:

memory_limit = 8M ; Maximum amount of memory a script may consume (8MB)

This is on php 5.2.0, and may be a bug in PHP.

 140 Bug ReportCriticalUser Interface Web installer fails to recognise $install_enabled Closed2.33-rc21 Task Description

As noted on #po-devel:

Web installer always says "Install disabled. please set $install_enabled=1 in config_site.php if you wish to run the installer." regardless of $install_enabled setting in config_site.php.


install.php, lines 477-480 is the check if $install_enabled is 1, but you're not actually including the config file(s) until line 489, so $install_enabled is unset.
Move lines 477-480 (the check for $install_enabled != 1) to after line 489.

 139 Bug ReportMediumBackend / Core Unable to logout ClosedStable Task Description

When clicking the Logout tab, you always get the login screen, even if you are already logged in. I traced this down to login.php. When you go to the login.php page from teh logout tab it does not set the "operation" parameter in the request. Therefore, at line 121 the elseif returns false (it is looking for operation==login) and the default else statement is displayed, which is a login.

There are tons of ways to get this fixed. I have included a diff which sets the operation value to "login" if it is not otherwise set. This causes the login page to check if there is a session and either display the login or logout page. I thought this was the best way as it was centralized.

The one other change in the diff is a change to remove a couple of tabs from the beginnings of lines since you seem to prefer spaces.

 138 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Bulk update recursive into subfolders Closed2.32b2 Task Description

In the current bulk update, you can only update fotos in a foler, but not in it's subfolders. It would be great if the bulk update could be made recursive.

 137 Feature RequestLowUser Interface Change default location in buld update to spool ClosedDevel4 Task Description

Currently when you go to the bulk update page, the default is to update every single photo in the system (All Folders). This is a very dangerouus defualt as there is no way to back out of a bulk update without resotoring the database from a backup. (Don't ask me how I know this.) See attached diff that will set the "spool" as the default. In order to do this, it will display the "spool" option even when there are no photos in the spool. Worst case scenario is that you update the photos that you had already chosen for special consideration. (i.e. putting then in the spool)

 136 Bug ReportMediumBackend / Core move to folder from folder view not working ClosedDevel Task Description

When attempting to move a number of photos from one folder to another in the folder view, it fails with no notification. (Aside from the fact that the photos haven't been moved.) I tracked it down to line 158 of folder.content.php. Very minor change.

See attached svn diff

 135 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Backport new selection/checkbox code ClosedStable Task Description

Selection/checkbox code, plus the folder.move/photo.move rework, and the UI changes on the forms, etc. Oh, and this should include the bulk update on selection enhancements too.

I'd like this to go into 2.34, as it's highly useful stuff.

 134 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core combine "go to" and "move to" ClosedStable1 Task Description

the form is duplicated -- just show the list once, and the button you click will chose the action. The same applies to the album list (go to, linkto)

 133 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core "smart/dynamic" albums tied to search criteria ClosedStable2 Task Description

It would be really cool if we could have psuedo-album views that are actually a pre-specified set of search terms. Each time the album is opened, it would perform that search on the fly, and the user would see the results.

I have to imagine this will be _slow_. Perhaps this could be tied with the "cache search results" and we could periodically re-perform the search, but the normal view would just be a set of search results?

 132 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core photo version pages don't include orientation/colorspac ...ClosedStable Task Description

They're set on a per-version basis, but the UI doesn't allow you to modify the settings for the non-primary photo. This should be fixed.

 131 Feature RequestLowInstaller have installer test out the mailer... ClosedStable Task Description

right now we don't know if the mailer works at all.

account creation should send messages, for example.

 130 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core per-user "home pages" ClosedStable Task Description

Sort of similar to the front page, each user can have a personalizable frontpage, which can default to showing the folder lists, perhaps?

 129 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core publish contact information, or some way of contacting  ...ClosedStable Task Description

If someone wants to contact a PO user, they have no way of doing so. This... is a problem.

 128 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core Image dimension on the version info pages is incorrect ClosedStable1 Task Description

for NEF it gives the dimensions of the thumbnail, and it doesn't grok PPM at all.

Fix this to use Image Magick, ExifTool, or somesuch...

 127 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Display a warning if you're the admin and you haven't c ...ClosedStable1 Task Description

Big red, bold, blinking text across the top ought to be annoying enough.

It'll only kick in if you're using the 'admin' account and the password is unchanged from the default.

 126 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Automagically detect camera lens ClosedStable Task Description

ExifTool has a large LensID database for cameras that support it.. we theoretically can take that info and map it onto a proper PO lens.

125Feature RequestLowBackend / CoreXML export should include "human-readable" values.NewStable Task Description

instead of <location id="23" />, we should say something like: <location id="23" name="downtown Nowhere, USA" />

for all non-textual datatypes.

Otherwise, we need to export the database tables for these values to mean anything, and this isn't currently possible.

 124 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Store actual focal lengths. ClosedStable Task Description

We currently use a fixed set of focal lengths that has a lot of gaps in it. Many modern cameras/lenses give us more accurate focal length/focus distance values. Rather than using a relational table to obtain this, why not just store this exact value directly?

The migration could be as simple as moving the inaccurate relational value over -- or, better yet, we could re-parse each image file and obtain the "real" focal length.

 123 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core automatic slide show! ClosedStable
 122 Feature RequestLowUser Interface photo navigator doesn't handle large number of photos s ...ClosedStable
 121 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Support BibbleLite/BibblePro for RAW decoding. ClosedStable
 120 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Allow selection and export of other user's photos Closed2.32b4
 119 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Single sign on ClosedStable3
 118 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Add an "edit this folder" link to the folder/album page ...ClosedStable
 117 TODOMediumDocumentation Better documentation ClosedStable19
 116 Bug ReportMediumBackend / Core GROUP is reserved word in PostgreSQL ClosedDevel1
 115 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core error reporting &| logging framework ClosedStable2
 114 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core figure out the basket/client/etc system, and fix it. ClosedDevel
 113 Bug ReportHighBackend / Core camera edit doesn't respect owner ClosedStable7
 112 Bug ReportCriticalBackend / Core Bug in bulk update Closed2.32b1
 111 Feature RequestMediumBackend / Core Use PHP's builtin session support ClosedStable5
 110 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core better error codes on permission/not founds.. ClosedStable6
 109 Bug ReportMediumBackend / Core SQL error from tools.php Closed2.32b1
 108 Bug ReportCriticalBackend / Core Registering a new user is broken Closed2.32b1
 107 Bug ReportMediumUser Interface index.php is missing site_prolog() call Closed2.32b
 106 Bug ReportCriticalBackend / Core Install creates wrong directory structure in repository Closed2.32a5
 105 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core support local (==unix socket) database connections ClosedDevel2
 104 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core bulk update needs to be able to add and remove individu ...ClosedDevel4
 103 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Add "download source code link" ClosedStable1
 102 Feature RequestLowUser Interface Allow bulk update on selection ClosedDevel3
 101 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Support GPS tags ClosedDevel5
100Feature RequestLowBackend / CoreContent-based searching that works. :)NewDevel2
 99 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core List view href links don't work ClosedDevel
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