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 198 Bug ReportMediumBackend / Core Bug in SQL functions count_equipment_by_user and number ...Closed2.33 Task Description

Two SQL functions report wrong totals as the flash table is used twice.

These functions are count_equipment_by_user and number_of_manufacturer_ref

See wiki:

 197 Feature RequestMediumBackend / Core Add an option to ignore the "exif title" tag. Closed2.33 Task Description

Some cameras store the 'ownership string' in the 'title' exif field. This means that every image ends up getting the same comment. It's a pain to go back and fix.

Add an option to the camera listings to explicitly ignore this field.

 196 Feature RequestLowUser Interface allow admin users to edit a user's contact info/etc. ClosedStable1 Task Description

it would be handy, especially for things like password resets and the like.

The admin should also be allowed to change the username -- but regular users couldn't.

 195 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Print a single image (full-page) Closed2.33 Task Description

It would be nice to be able to generate a page with a single, hi-res image on it (along with its metadata..) but with a sanely-sized barcode.

 194 TODOLowBackend / Core re-think 'duplicates' and 'submissions' ClosedDevel3 Task Description

Currently all images added are given a 'photo_dupe' entry, ostensibly pointing towards the hardcopy that was scanned in.

1) Duplicates need to be keyed off the version id, not the photo. If you have multiple versions of a photo, you need to know which version the duplicate is for. As dupes are automatically created for each photo, one would need to be created for each version instead.

2) Eliminate auto-creation of dupes, unless specified in the import (form or XML). The bottom line is that there shouldn't be a 'photo_dupe' entry unless there's a physical copy somewhere.

3) The submission process keys off of duplicates, and as such would need to keep track of individual versions too.

4) Consider dropping the whole submission thing altogether, as its workflow seems to be tied into the now-removed shop. Investigate first.

 193 Bug ReportHighBackend / Core figure out why e-mail templates are broken. ClosedDevel Task Description

They're not getting evaluated properly.

 192 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core add a "purchase this" URL + Link to photos ClosedDevel Task Description

This way we can link it to an external store as needed.

 191 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core make photo_dupe / submissions keyed off of 'version' ClosedDevel Task Description

This matters! We need to keep track of physical copies of individual versions as well, and we'd submit a particular version.

 190 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core store image size in the file databae ClosedDevel Task Description

There's no real reason to not do so. It would make things like quota checks a lot faster!

 189 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core display_shaded_photo should take the height/width expli ...ClosedDevel1 Task Description

right now you pass it the file, and it calls getimagesize() on it. This is unnecessary as we already know the dimensions via the database.

 188 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core image transforms &| bulk updates shouldn't modify image ...ClosedDevel2 Task Description

We should remove the existing thumb/preview images, and then create new ones on the current volume.

This is necessary because old, closed volumes may have been backed up already!

 187 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Add "link generation" dialog somewhere. Closed2.33 Task Description

For example:

user specifies 'display thumbnail' and 'link to preview image' and 'html syntax' and PO generates a link with an embedded photo.


user specifies 'display preview image' and 'no link' and 'dokuwiki syntax' and PO generates an inlined image that links nowhere.

 186 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Cache search results to speed things up considerably. ClosedDevel Task Description

If, instead of re-running the whole search when we scroll through results, we ran the whole search and cached the results instead.. things would be a lot faster.

We can use the sessions to cache this stuff, so it'll work for users and guests alike.

We need the ability to get display an arbitrary set of photos.

185Feature RequestLowBackend / CoreDevelopment / printing informationUnconfirmed2.333 Task Description

I capture the majority of photos on film, process it myself, print or scan it myself. A lot of people my do the same. I would like to see an option to note down the way I developed the film. IMO it would be best done in the following fashion:

have a table with development instructions (could have fields like: "id"?, "name", "developer", "dillution", "time", "agitation", "temperature", "notes"). The editing would be done in a similar way as for locations. This info would than be linked (through the id field?) as a technical informaion for the photo.

If there was the possibility to enter these information, I would not have to have a separate database/excel sheets noting this down.

Thanks a lot


184Feature RequestLowUser InterfaceFormat (film size) editingUnconfirmed2.336 Task Description

There is no easy way to add/edit the list of film format sizes appart from editing the database (or using a tool like phpPgAdmin). It would be nice and IMO simple to implement a way to add/edit a Film size option.

 183 Feature RequestHighBackend / Core Rip out "shopping" and everything associated with it. ClosedDevel1 Task Description

* There's a lot of it.
* I don't fully understand how it works.
* It's complicated and has internal dependencies all over the place.
* Does anyone really use it?
* The "client" distinction is flawed.

I want PO to be an organizational tool first, and any e-commerce bits need to be carefully thought out.

 182 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core IPTC data stored in db is broken-ish. Closed2.33 Task Description

we store it the same way we store the EXIF data, but unfortunately that's a little broken thanks to possibly invalid characters and other cooking.

I don't know how to go about fixing this.

 181 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core Handle UTF-8 encoded IPTC+XMP data. ClosedDevel10 Task Description

IPTC and XMP data that's encoded via UTF-8 doesn't properly import, with the database barfing on the actual import due to illegal characters.

Theoretically XMP and IPTC data can have encoding tags, but in practice nobody uses them. We need to detect the charset and convert to UTF-8 before we can shove anything in the database.

180Feature RequestLowDatabaseBreak out the statistics dataNew2.336 Task Description

right now "view counts" are part of the "photo" table.

It might be beneficial to split stats to a separate table.. we can track additional fields (views vs downloads vs ??) and also track it for each photo version etc.

 179 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Allow hi-res files to be served from a remote site. Closed2.331 Task Description

Basically, the idea is this:

User has multiple PO instances running:

* Instance (1) is the primary site, where people upload images, etc.
* Instance (2) is the secondary site, installed in a colo facility, and gobs of bandwidth but not disk space.

It is resynched nightly, and thumb/preview images are synched as well -- but not the original, hi-res images, which are rarely downloaded.

Ideally the secondary site would allow uploads as well, perhaps by redirecting the requests to the secondary site? It gets complicated..

 178 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core default image properties should be configurable Closed2.33 Task Description

Instead of hardcoded, as they are now.

Fortunately, the new preference backend makes this trivial to implement.

 177 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core add hotkey navigation Closed2.332 Task Description

At the very least, next/previous page/photo, but there are other places where it would be handy.

 176 Feature RequestLowUser Interface full screen mode for original fotos Closed2.335 Task Description

for evaluation or demonstration purposes it would be desirable to see the fotos of folders or albums or search results as full screen with a line of information about foldername and cation or the like.

175Feature RequestLowUser Interfaceshow defined keywords in suplemental categoryUnconfirmed2.334 Task Description

it would ease handling, if one could see the yet defined keywords: useless creation according to misspelling (landscape versus landscapes) or different words for the same meaning.

 174 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core move photo_dupes into generic image properties. Closed2.331 Task Description

Once the generic image properties table is present, move duplicates into that. We really don't need a whole separate table for this purpose.

 173 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Add a generic key=value image properies table Closed2.331
 172 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core Image linking Closed2.333
 171 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Multiple filters image parameter Closed2.334
 170 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core allow users to hide on the "public users list" Closed2.33
 169 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Rework spool to be session-based. ClosedDevel1
 168 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Support GraphicsMagick Closed2.331
 167 Feature RequestLowImport Image import/processing in parallel Closed2.3310
 166 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core allow per-volume max size. Closed2.33
 165 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core clean up UFRAW importer ClosedDevel1
 164 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core Empty trash still not working Closed2.331
 163 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Attach EXIF data to previews and/or thumbs. Closed2.334
162Feature RequestLowImportPTLens/clens supportNew2.331
 161 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Remove of getallheaders PHP call Closed2.33
160Feature RequestLowImportbetter watermarkingNewStable5
 159 Feature RequestLowImport Bulk upload via HTTP slurping ClosedStable
 158 Bug ReportHighBackend / Core AND in search for keywords does not work ClosedStable3
 157 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core add an explicit 'delete' button to the folder/album and ...Closed2.33
 156 Bug ReportMediumUser Interface Admin interface not working Closed2.331
 155 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Folder display Closed2.33-rc4
 154 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core sql error in image.display.php ? Closed2.33-rc44
 153 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core sql error in profile.php Closed2.33-rc41
 152 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core Session handling Closed2.33-rc44
 151 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core timeout Closed2.33-rc35
 150 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core Button "Move to" results in Logout Closed2.33-rc315
 149 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Add "last logged in" or something like that to the admi ...ClosedDevel
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