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 248 Bug ReportMediumBackend / Core Clear Keyword broken in bulk update Closed2.34-rc3 Task Description

Hello, while playing with the release-2.34 (r1542?) I cannot delete a keyword from a couple of photos.

The error log reads like this:

[Tue Aug 14 13:47:27 2007] [error] [client A.B.C.D.] PHP Warning: pg_query() [<a href=''></a>]: Query failed: ERROR: column &quot;folder&quot; does not exist at character 54 in /var/www/po..../html/bulk.update.php on line 345, referer: http://po..../

Hope it helps, anyway. If my version is outdated, sorry. It just seemed to work fine :-)

 247 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Collapse repository layout a bit. ClosedDevel Task Description

Right now:

00002/ => thumbnails
00001/ => preview
00000/ => original

I want to collapse this a little bit:

00000/ => original
????? => all_others

Images now have a postfix on them to signify the "size number", so there won't be any collisions.

One other thing; we should change our naming strategy for files to:


So any file on disk is can instantly be linked back to its id#.

 246 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core File count limits on repository size ClosedDevel Task Description

Right now we have quotas on size and count, but the repository itself only has a size limit.

245Feature RequestLowDatabaseMove 'access' and 'original' rights into 'files' table.NewDevel3 Task Description

This way individual versions and scaled resolutions can be given appropriate rights; If we have the individual files with fine-grained permissions, then we can do away with the 'original' field altogether, and the 'access' field can be inferred from these settings (via a DB stored procedure)

The original can be granted to be 'private' or 'protected', for example, while the watermarked preview is 'public', the non-watermarked preview is 'protected', and the thumbnail is 'public'.

If we have the individual files with fine-grained permissions, then we can do away with the 'original' field altogether.

If the viewer can access the thumbnails, then they can see the image on the browser list. If the viewer can access *any* of the preview images, the thumb links to the best-quality preview image. (ie resolution &| watermarking..). While looking at the preview, if they have access to the original, let them have it.

244Feature RequestLowBackend / CoreAllow for custom rendering pathsNew2.334 Task Description

Right now, it's:

thumb = raw -> scale -> colorspace (+extras) -> sharpen
prev = raw-> scale -> colorspace (+extras) -> sharpen -> watermark

IT would be REALLY nice if we could create customized processing paths; that is to say:

type_1 = raw -> scale -> b&w -> normalize -> sharpen
type_2 = raw -> scale -> add_border, add_text -> sharpen

This could either be on-demand, or automatic on uploads.

 243 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core icc profile not used by Ufraw Closed2.34-rc32 Task Description

Not really a bug...

Here is a patch to allow ufraw to use the input color profile. It's a bit strange that it cannot be specified via a command line parameter... I create a temporary config file...

 242 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core Sort order: each possibilty is shown twice Closed2.34-rc33 Task Description

-r 1553

On "My folders": Sort order: each possibilty is shown twice. So we have 2x Date exposed, 2x Rating and so on

 241 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core ufraw options not taken into account Closed2.34-rc2 Task Description

The "global $po_options" is missing in import_raw_decode_ufraw

patch :
Index: include/import.php
--- include/import.php (revision 1548)
+++ include/import.php (working copy)
@@ -1007,6 +1007,7 @@

function import_raw_decode_ufraw($input_file_name, $camera_input_profile, $verbose, &$image_data) {
// global $icc_profiles;
+ global $po_options;
global $sys_ufraw;
global $tmp_volume_path;
global $strings;

 240 Bug ReportHighBackend / Core "Empty trash" broken in r1539 ClosedDevel Task Description

"Empty trash" appears effectively broken now (Release trunk, r1539)

Whether in main listing, or in the Trash folder listing, the page appears to be blank.
In the error-file there is a notice:

Function name must be a string in /var/www/ on line 52, referer:

Kind of showstopper :-O

239Feature RequestLowBackend / CoreIntegrate full-text searchNewDevel2 Task Description

It's supposedly been part of the "core contrib" postgresql stuff since v7.4

This would let us perform a search on specific keywords across *all* indexed fields simultaneously.

 238 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core clean up DB schemas a bit. Closed2.33 Task Description

sequence submission_id_sequence
sequence submission_status_id_sequence
function is_user_my_client

 237 LowBackend / Core testing out attachments. Closed2.333 Task Description


 236 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core cosmetic & translation Closed2.333 Task Description

-r 1526
tests are done with Firefox/Iceweasel Debian/etch (it looks better here then under Xp with IE6 ...)

General: if there a fields like "yes"/"no" the field length is more or less ok, but sometimes "none" is used, in this case the field is to short. Because in german "nein" is used (for "no"), there the problem is quite more obvious

on "My Tools"
Calendar: Numbers are not completely shown (field to short) at Start time and end time
Search engine: Default search engine browsable field to short for german version

Default photo browser: Default sort order: all possibilities are not translated
Photoupload: a lot of fields are to short

"My Folders":
Sort order: all possibilities are not translated and each possiblity as shown twice
Changing to "List view": shows "no caption", should be translated

 235 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core missing translation on calendar page ClosedDevel2 Task Description

-r 1526
on calender page: in german version

under "I am the client of the following user" status shows "accepted", but should show the translation.

(under "My contacts" the status shows the translation correct)

 234 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core change to german language doesn't work ClosedDevel Task Description

tested with -r 1524:

refresh after selection of a none default language works, but every other page is shown in the default language

 233 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core first letter of each word is large Closed2.331 Task Description

The first letter of each word is large. Unfortunately this effect at least in in german language produces errors in orthography. (CSS rule)

 232 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core scan parameter limit Closed2.34-rc21 Task Description

Scan parameter: the choice of "bits" ends at 32 - it should go up to 48 bits, which is used by professional scans

 231 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Allow folder/album lists to be sorted too Closed2.33 Task Description

Right now they're sorted by date_of_createion. It would be nice to have this configurable, eh?

 230 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core Profile: german translation partially not shown Closed2.34-rc22 Task Description

Hi Solomon,

the translation file de_DE.php is nearly complete, I'm just going trough the different pages to see if the translation match the english original ;-)
If I look on the "My Profile" page, then the translation for the buttons lense, flash, scanner and so on (the whole line) are not shown - nevertheless the the translation is provided in the file ...

I think, it is caused by css, because the same behaviour i can see on "my tools", where I can see still "Bulk update" and so on ..

regards, Gerd

 229 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core site_display_random_photos Closed2.34-rc22 Task Description

The function is still not working after update to 2.34-rc2. The DB-error has changed:

ERROR: column photo_version.version does not exist

regards, Gerd

 228 Bug ReportMediumBackend / Core Cannot import NEF raw when orientation is portrait Closed2.34-rc18 Task Description

when trying to upload NEF raw images (nikon) shoted in portrait mode, the "transfering metadata" phase fail.

Importing 'DSC_0019.NEF' (Nikon Raw Format) into folder test .

* Extracting Image Metadata (EXIF) ... done
* Extracting Image Metadata (XMP) ... done
* Extracting Image Metadata (IPTC) ... done
* Copying original image DSC_0019.NEF into repository ... done
* Decoding RAW image using ExifTool ... done.
* Decoding RAW image using ufraw ... done.
* Generating preview image ... done. (700 pixels)
* Transferring metadata ... failed.

/usr/bin/exiftool -q -overwrite_original -Orientation=1 -n '/data/photoorganizer_image_repository/v0000/00001/42_2.jpeg'

* Cleaning up the mess.

No problem with landscape ones

 227 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core DB with site_display_random_photos Closed2.34-rc14 Task Description

Using the function site_display_random_photos an the frontpage I'm getting postgresql error like:
ERROR: syntax error at or near "photo" at character 94. No photos are displayed on the frontpage.

So far I've seen you have changed the function:

2.33: $database,$type,$identifier,$rows,$columns,$framed
2.34-rc1: $database,$type,$identifier, $num_of_photos, $framed

Can you define it a little bit, what is the correct syntax now to use ?

best regards, Gerd

 226 Bug ReportLowUser Interface No "New User Preference" button Closed2.34-rc12 Task Description

When logged as admin, I can't find the "new user preferences" button...

That's more a question for a forum... sorry to use the bug system for that !

 225 Feature RequestLowUser Interface add a toggle for showing all versions on folder/search/ ...ClosedDevel Task Description

right now searches always return all images, and when paging through individual images (photo.php) you're scrolling through all versions.

the next/prev buttons should link to the photos, and there should be secondary buttons to flip through the versions.

OR something.

 224 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Automagically import embedded JPEGs as alternate versio ...ClosedDevel2 Task Description

Many RAW formats (eg NEF or CR2) automatically embed a full-res JPEG image in the raw file.

It would be nice if we could snag this image and import it as an alternate version; it gives an indication of how the camera thought the image should look.

We already automagically import multiple versions under some circumstances, so this shouldn't be too hard to implement.

 223 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core allow the clearing of a date. Closed2.33
 222 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core database-based session management. ClosedDevel
 221 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Add logging support Closed2.33
 220 Bug ReportMediumDatabase 'Pentax *dst' as a camera type fails due to regexp erro ...Closed2.331
 219 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Make it possible for users to put other people's photos ...ClosedDevel6
 218 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Allow user to arbitrarily add a client. ClosedDevel
 217 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core Track clients associated with events. ClosedDevel4
216Feature RequestLowBackend / Coreshow disk usage in folder/album stats.NewDevel
 215 Bug ReportLowUser Interface next/prev photo links for albums don't respect versions ...Closed2.33
214Feature RequestLowUser InterfaceSwitch to DHTML "tabs" on main photo page.New2.331
213Feature RequestLowBackend / Coreadd mechanism for tracking models &| model releasesNew2.33
 212 Bug ReportMediumRendering Buttons look weird in devel r1328 ClosedDevel9
 211 Bug ReportMediumBackend / Core Fields cannot be updated for a single picture ClosedDevel8
 210 Feature RequestLowInstaller Re-base intial SQL data ClosedDevel9
 209 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Store/pass passwords either hashed ClosedDevel3
 208 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core support DICOM images natively (via dcmtk) ClosedDevel2
 207 Bug ReportMediumBackend / Core ould not create new user entry, database error -- New i ...ClosedDevel25
 206 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Support exporting to .zip files Closed2.331
 205 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Per folder volume Closed2.335
 204 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Unify profile stuff as much as possible. ClosedDevel4
 203 Feature RequestLowUser Interface add listing of all linked albums for a given photo. Closed2.33
 202 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core make registration a two-step process Closed2.333
 201 TODOLowDatabase make better use of DB triggers ClosedDevel1
200Feature RequestLowImportAdd a 'copyright notice' and 'Original URL' to thumbnai...NewDevel1
 199 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core Bug in table definition of imagemagick_composite_option ...Closed2.331
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