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 348 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core Photo location Closed2.355 Task Description

I dont' know if this is a feature or a bug. I try to explain my problem:

My geotagged photos contain the country, the province, the city and the sublocation in the IPTC data. In the location of MyProfile and in the location of photo details the sub-location is not shown. Is this correct?


PS: Many thanks for implementating #337!

 347 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Allow for more control when adding clients/users... Closed2.351 Task Description

Currently, adding a client requires an email to be sent to the client containing their login/authentication information. It would be nice if users could be added (username, password, etc.) without sending them an email for authentication. Likewise, it would be nice if the admin could edit all levels of the user's information.

 346 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Add SMTP support... Closed2.351 Task Description

It would be nice to choose between different methods of the backend email system: sendmail, PHP Mail, SMTP, etc.

 345 Bug ReportLowUser Interface Trash folder displays incorrect image count on folderli ...Closed2.354 Task Description

Some digits are apparently getting dropped from the number of files in the Trash folder on the count displayed on the Folders and Albums page. Example: I have 22 pictures in the Trash (all viewable when the folder is opened) but on the folderlist it claims that only 2 are in trash.

 344 Bug ReportMediumWeb site Can't change front page from webinterface Closed2.351 Task Description

When I try to edit the front page contains and click "save changes" it reloads the original data and I am unable to change the front page. Not sure if this is a misconfiguration on my part or something in the code. Other save buttons such as for cameras appear to be working without issue.


P.S. I am very excited to being using PO on my site however I do need something that is going to be a bit more usable, please keep me up to date on these bugs. I am also very excited to see that LDAP auth is on the todo list as I would much rather be using that or NIS or IMAP as I do for my webcalendar.

 343 Bug ReportMediumWeb site Date time incorrect causing failure to commit to db Closed2.352 Task Description

I am seeing this issue both on my site running 2.35a and the stable demo site.

Basically with I am in the calendar and click "add" the dates come up in 1969 (note error from logs below) and when I click "add" I get a "Failed to update database".

Error from my apache logs:
[error] [client] PHP Warning: pg_query() [<a href=''></a>]: Query failed: ERROR: date/time field value out of range: &quot;2008-4-- 0 :0::0:0&quot;\nHINT: Perhaps you need a different &quot;datestyle&quot; setting. in /var/www/ on line 82, referer:

I am new to PO however I believe this is how you add pictures to the system thus making it quite useless. Also please let me know if this could be a misconfiguration somewhere that I am missing. Both my server and client machine have the proper time and are configured for the proper time zone.

My browser is Firefox


 342 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core Regenerating Thumbnails does not work Closed2.351 Task Description

The regeneration of thumbnails an preview image in bulk update doesn't work.

You get an error:
Number of images updated: 3

* Regenerating thumbnail and preview images for photo # 240-210: fdfgfdsgsd.
o Generating thumbnail image ... done (170 pixels)
o Generating preview image ... done (700 pixels)
o Transferring metadata ... failed.

/usr/bin/exiftool -q -overwrite_original -TagsFromFile -Orientation=1 -n '/home/pizza/lib/po-stable-images/v0003/00001/1008_2_preview.jpeg'

I've tested it a few minutes ago at your stable demo site.

 341 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core Problem with LensID Closed2.353 Task Description

I create a new lens with the lens-id reported by exiftool in my profile. After uploading picture with this lens-id, the image counter for this lens doesn't increase.

 340 Feature RequestLowUser Interface Display keywords in slide mouseover bubble Closed2.35 Task Description

I removed it a while back when I split out the keywords into a separate table, but it would be nice if the keywords were displayed again.

The plan is to implement this as a stored procedure.

 339 Bug ReportLowUser Interface Bottom navigations buttons on search page don't work Closed2.35 Task Description

The bottom set of results navigation buttons (first, prev, next, last, etc) do not work on the search results page. The bottom buttons do not seems to be linked correctly.

Link from the top "next" button:

Link from the bottom "next" button:

 338 Bug ReportMediumUser Interface Select All button does not work on search results Closed2.352 Task Description

Clicking the Select All button produces the following in Firefox's error consel:

Error: k has no properties
Source File:
Line: 148

 337 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Showing the location of a photo ClosedDevel5 Task Description

For a while many of my photos are geo-referenced by my GPS-reciever. The location is saved in the exif data.

It would be nice if there is a possibility to show the position where a photo was taken in Google Maps. I could imagine that the location in the tab "Technical" is a hyperlink and when you click it, a popup window will open showing the position in Google Maps.

I think this is possible using the Google Maps API.

 336 Feature RequestLowImport Embedded preview  ClosedDevel Task Description

It would be nice, if there's a option to choose, if the imported embedded preview from raw would be the master or not.

 335 Bug ReportHighImport Non-ASCII/UTF-8 files are failing to import properly. ClosedDevel3 Task Description

I have two files here, generated by photoshop, with special ISO8859-1 characters.

We need to be able to convert all of these strings into a UTF-8 format for DB insertion.

 334 Bug ReportHighBackend / Core cannot delete users that have folder/album thumbnails s ...ClosedDevel4 Task Description

via the admin.user.del pages.

the problem is due to a dependency.

 333 Bug ReportMediumBackend / Core Import does not work when exif "Focal Length" does not  ...ClosedDevel5 Task Description

My wifes new camera (Panasonic DMC-LZ6) generated pictures that would not import into PO 2.36dev (svn1968). It would error out on the "insert into photo_tech" statement in import.php. I eventually tracked it down to the fact that the tag "Focal Length In 35mm Format" did not have an appended "mm". I modified the exif.php script to take this into account. I am including a diff of this fix. The diff also modifies the flow a little for "Focal Length" as I was having a hard time following it. Particularly why you would check to see if the 35mm Scale Factor is > 2. In any event the only important lines are the if statement around the substr:

+ if(strpos($tmp, 'mm')) {
+ $tmp = substr($tmp, 0, strpos($tmp, 'mm'));
+ }

 332 Bug ReportMediumBackend / Core Cannot add album in 2.36dev (svn 1968) ClosedDevel2 Task Description

2.36 dev (svn 1968) has a bug such that a new album cannot be added. I tracked it down to a misnamed variable in album.add.2.php. The variable album_parent was switched around to parent_album in a few places. The attached diff corrects it.

 331 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core LDAP authentication backend. ClosedDevel1 Task Description

It should support both authentication and (optionally) obtaining 'contact info' out of an LDAP database.

 330 Bug ReportCriticalImport Import of big images fail. Closed2.3511 Task Description

I try to import an image larger than 10 Mb. The result is the same for all images larger than 10 Mb

The image is not imported and the result is as follows.

Importing 'DSC_1803.NEF' (Nikon Raw Format) into folder Testing.

* Extracting Image Metadata (EXIF) ... done
* Extracting Image Metadata (XMP) ... done
* Extracting Image Metadata (IPTC) ... done
* ERROR: current transaction is aborted, commands ignored until end of transaction block
* Failed to update database.

insert into photo
(identifier, users, folder, location,
caption, date_of_exposure, access_rights, copyright_statement,
views, hide_original, author, title,
caption_writer, category, credit, source,
headline, instructions, transmission_reference,
supplemental_category, web_statement, store_url, comments)
values (748, '2', '12', 0,
'', '2007-12-23 15:59:29', '1', 'Copyright (c) 2008 Rolf Cronberg',
0, 't', 'Rolf Cronberg', 'ERIK CRONBERG',
'', '', '', '',
'', '', '',
'', '', '', '')

* Cleaning up the mess.

All images imported.

 329 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Editable focal lengths and apertures Closed2.343 Task Description

The ability to edit/add focal lengths and apertures from within PO's GUI instead of having to edit common.php. I had to add 170 and 200 as focal lengths and 6.7 as aperture for my lenses.

Maybe simply select "Custom" in the drop-down box and have a nearby text field to write-in custom values?
Or, for starters, break out these arrays to a separate site-specific file that won't get over-written with an update?

 328 Feature RequestVery LowBackend / Core Add a link for equipment type Closed2.341 Task Description

It would be nice to be able to add a link for an equipment type, much like you can do for the manufacturer.

Ie, not only add a link to Sigma's homepage, but also a link to either Sigma's own page for the APO 170-500,'s page or the sample page on pBase - whatever floats your boat.

327Feature RequestLowBackend / CoreFocal length statisticsUnconfirmed2.342 Task Description

A running statistic of most used focal lengths (can be expanded to any EXIF/IPTC property like most used lens, flash usage and so on).

Something like this:

Invaluable to decide which lens to buy next. :-)

 326 Feature RequestLowImport Default Copyright field in Photo Upload ClosedDevel1 Task Description

I'd like to be able to specify a default Copyright notice in My Settings/Photo Upload.

 325 Feature RequestVery LowBackend / Core CMS integration (Drupal/Joomla et al) ClosedDevel2 Task Description

It'd be neat if it were possible to make the relevant bits a Drupal and/or Joomla module, essentially using their user logins, permission logic and theming code.

One side effect would be a much greater "market" for the software, another would be to gain access to all sorts of modular extensions like an e-commerce solution, group logic, collaboration and project tools and so on.

I haven't checked Joomla, but Drupal is very weak in this area, the best you can do is either use the Gallery2 integrator module or roll your own using custom node types and organic groups - not for the faint of heart.

At the end of this fairly long tunnel, I'd like to see the ability to setup a Drupal/PO site either as a full-fledged photo-oriented community with forums, showcase galleries, votes/polls/challenges or as a few/single-user photo-blog/gallery/DAM site with the ability to not only hold all of one's RAW photos with miscellaneous versions but also an easy way to "publish" the best versions of the best images to the e-commerce part of the site where customers can login and buy prints or full-size digital originals.

And a million dollars and a pony. ;-)

 324 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core When no title/caption for an image is given, use its or ...Closed2.351 Task Description

This ought to help a little bit; if nothing else a bazillion 'no title' pages is rather silly.

(it should reflect the *version* filename)

 323 Bug ReportLowDatabase Search function does not work with PostgreSQL 8.30 Closed2.354
 322 Bug ReportMediumBackend / Core 'transfer metadata' isn't working for RAW images. Closed2.35
 321 Bug ReportLowImport Error when add a new version of a photo Closed2.357
 320 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core two password prompts on login page is confusing. Closed2.34
 319 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Enhance local filesystem uploads to be secure and unive ...Closed2.34
 318 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core Revamp the internal 'location' code a bit. Closed2.33
 317 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core Add a 'location' to 'events' Closed2.34
316Feature RequestLowBackend / CoreAllow for sub-albums on the folder listing pages.New2.342
315Feature RequestLowBackend / CoreAllow filtering/finding photos matching criteria in Pro...Unconfirmed2.341
 314 Feature RequestMediumUser Interface Displaying film type with format in photo editing Closed2.341
 313 Bug ReportLowInstaller GraphicsMagick not fully supported yet Closed2.342
 312 Feature RequestLowPrint Switch internal barcode generator over to 'barcode writ ...Closed2.33
 311 Bug ReportHighInstaller fresh install hangs on sql/db error Closed2.3412
 310 Feature RequestLowUser Interface Allow events to span more than one day. ClosedDevel
 309 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core explicit datebook associations for all folders ClosedDevel
 308 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Logging! ClosedDevel
307Feature RequestLowBackend / CoreAdd a 'contact this user' form.NewDevel1
 306 Feature RequestLowThemes Rework the theme infrastructure into a proper OO system ...ClosedDevel1
 305 Feature RequestLowPrint DB-driven print Closed2.34
 304 Feature RequestLowExport DB-driven export Closed2.34
 303 Feature RequestLowThemes New themes! Closed2.34
 302 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Prettier URLs ClosedDevel5
 301 Bug ReportLowUser Interface Viewing "detail_info" tabs on photo forgets what album  ...Closed2.341
 300 Bug ReportLowImport Bulk Image upload fails, temporary filename missing? Closed2.342
 299 Bug ReportLowImport error while import photo with gps data Closed2.348
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