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 398 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Generate RSS feeds Closed2.362 Task Description

Support a variety of RSS feeds on a per-user or global basis:

1) Last "X" folders/albums (using a parent folder/album optionally)
2) Last "X" photos (using a parent folder/album optionally) (and specify desired/default size)
3) Last "X" search results (eg keyword-based stream)

Feed would obviously need a search order...

Feed may also need a way to specify login credentials.

397Feature RequestMediumImportImport of metadata from programs like Raw TherapeeUnconfirmed2.367 Task Description

Some programs like Raw Therapee creates a file to store all metadata to convert a raw file to a jpg file. To repeat the convert process (with or without slightly differences) it would be nice if I'm able to store such metadata with variants at the side of the original picture.

From other programs that storing data in a database, it would be possible to read out the data from the DB and storing metadata into xml-files and backwards.

 396 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core changing permissions Closed2.362 Task Description

changing permissions on a single photo did not work in 2.36, but it is now working in 2.36.1

bulk change on photo permissions is still not working. It gives me the "Invalid options for operation"-error if I only adjust the permissions selector in bulk update form

395Feature RequestLowBackend / CoreConvert more pages to a POST/REDIRECT/GET output.New2.36 Task Description

if all pages are explicit redirects, we can use POSTs everywhere and still have navigability.

 394 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core Store per-folder sort order on a per-user basis. Closed2.362 Task Description

This is a bit of a backwards step, but necessary IMO.

We'd use these values, in order of priority:

(1) Folder/album default.
(2) User default, if signed in.
(3) Session/preference value for that folder, if set.

as we now have generic preference tables, we can simply set a key like "folder_order_#### = #" and be done with it. Yay!

393Feature RequestLowBackend / CoreUse GPS timestamp when importing, if present.New2.361 Task Description

If we have a GPS tag, the odds are its timestamp is going to be more accurate than what the camera thinks.

Unfortunately, the GPS timestamp is reported in UTC. All dates in PO are stored sans timezone, but the odds are that you're not in GMT. So we'd need to add some sort of local time zone setting and convert the date/times as appropriate.

 392 Bug ReportHighUser Interface Edit on a single photo fails Closed2.362 Task Description

Select a single photo from an album and hit the 'edit' button at the bottom. URL is now:


change info in the fields, add new tags etc... Hit 'save changes'.

Get back a blank response (HTML source is empty). URL is now:


Go to the photo page, refresh if necessary, edits have not been saved.

Workaround: select a single picture and use the 'Bulk Update' with that picture. Works.

Note - on the Bulk Update page the fields all have a checkbox for you to mark the changes you want. On the photo.edit.php page there are no checkboxes...

Very recent apache2/postgres/ubuntu installation, seems to happen for all users.


 391 Feature RequestLowInstaller Have installer optionally email/contact PO developers Closed2.361 Task Description

It would be nice to have an idea of PO's installed userbase, plus getting feedback is nice.

390Feature RequestLowBackend / Coregps data in a spatial enabled database?Unconfirmed2.367 Task Description

I think it would be a cool feature to make PO spatial enabled. I mean that it would be possible to use gps data (geolocated images) to search for "photo taken near some point" or "all the photo taken near some street". Or simply to create an interface a la panoramio for look/find for pictures. It should be not to difficult to implement.

 389 Bug ReportHighBackend / Core cannot edit any photo Closed2.361 Task Description

When i try to edit any photo (click on album name, then the photo i want to edit, choose 'edit') - i.e. add keyword - after all the modifications are done, click on 'Save changes' and nothing appens. Reading the log i've found:
[error] [client] PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function delete() on a non-object in /var/www/html/po/photo.edit.2.php on line 175, referer: http://localhost/po/photo.edit.php?photo=1&album=

Tried on a fedora core 8 and debian testing (pgsql 8.2.9, php 5.2.6)


 388 Bug ReportLowImport Watermarking source bug Closed2.362 Task Description

I'm not completely sure if this is a bug or by design, but it prevents using a trasparent watermark which is driving me batty :p. When PO calls composite to watermark an image it is referencing the PREVIEW image of the watermark instead of the original image. This means if I upload a transparent PNG or GIF that it won't be transparent and looks weird to say the least.

Code currently supplies the following:
/usr/bin/composite -gravity 'southeast' -watermark '20' '/storage/photoorg/v0150/00001/20891_20763_2_preview.jpeg' '/storage/photoorg/v0150/00001/20900_20766_2_preview.jpeg' -quality '85' '/storage/photoorg/v0150/00001/20900_20766_2_preview.jpeg'

"Should" be:
/usr/bin/composite -gravity 'southeast' -watermark '20' '/storage/photoorg/v0150/00001/20891_o_original.png' '/storage/photoorg/v0150/00001/20900_20766_2_preview.jpeg' -quality '85' '/storage/photoorg/v0150/00001/20900_20766_2_preview.jpeg'

 387 Bug ReportHighJavascript Internet explorer 7 and add keywords Closed2.361 Task Description

There is a problem with javascript (I suppose) in ie7 when I go to add the keywords (photo.add.php?folder=3).

 386 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core CMS support such as Drupal Closed2.361 Task Description

After searching your site I found a reference saying that you were planning to add support for a CMS such as drupal. Just wondering if there has been any progress on that front.

 385 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core Cannot edit a photo. Memcache error in photo.edit.2.php Closed2.363 Task Description

When clicking on the "Save Changes" button in photo.edit.php a blank page appears and nothing is changed in the database.
Memcache is not configured on my system as it is not listed in the requirements.
This line appears in the apache2 error log:
[Tue Sep 23 10:21:27 2008] [error] [client] PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function delete() on a non-object in /home/po/src/photo.edit.2.php on line 175, referer: http://localhost/po/photo.edit.php?photo=727&album=T
The config_site.php file is attached

 384 Bug ReportCriticalDatabase PO does not create database tables on remote PostgreSQL ...Closed2.365 Task Description

everything looks fine until the PO's setup script trys to import the tables to the pgsql server. I am unable to proceed with the setup. No documentation for remote pgsql server only local server. po_user is able to connect manually but not install.php is not able to.

 383 Bug ReportLowImport Replace Master option on add new version is broken Closed2.361 Task Description

Adding a new version w/ replace master option does not import the new image or replace the old one in albums. The following output is produced:

Importing 'test.jpg' (Joint Photographic Experts Group JFIF format) as a new version of 207.

* Extracting Image Metadata (ORIENT) ... done
* Failed to update database.

update photo_version set master='f' where photo=207

* Cleaning up the mess.

Image import complete.

 382 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Comments Closed2.362 Task Description

- possibility to add comments and rating by users
- adding comments without rating
- replyable comments

381Feature RequestLowUser Interface'last X photos'Unconfirmed2.362 Task Description

> 'last X photos' could easily be implemented as a wrapper in include/site.php, much like the site_display_random_photos() function already is.

 380 Bug ReportLowUser Interface Another one Closed2.367 Task Description

When I change folder settings from the folder view (not from the folder list), let's say to add something to the description, the click on the save button saves changes but moves me to the parent.

 379 Bug ReportLowUser Interface Delete a picture from preview page moves me to trash Closed2.363 Task Description

If I press delete button from preview page, po takes me, together with the picture to delete, to the trash folder. Thats it...

 378 Bug ReportMediumBackend / Core not a bug, need a hint Closed2.364 Task Description

Need a hint or suggestion onconfiguration

My previous (working) setup was

po on ubuntu workstation
database on ubuntu workstation
repository on ubuntu server

After a new setup of the workstation and migration of the database my current setup is

po on gentoo workstation
database on ubuntu server
repository on ubuntu server

this is not working because

on ubuntu systems www is owned by www-data with id 33:33
on gentoo systems www is owned by apache with id 81:81

my problem is, how to make the repository available to the gentoo-apache without changing the file permissions on the ubuntu server?

As I write this, I get the idea to ask nfs documentation if there is something to tweak.

Anyway, hints apreciated

 377 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core Error while rotating pics Closed2.361 Task Description

After rotating a single picture I only get a blank page.

This is the error in the apache error log:

[Sun Sep 07 13:41:45 2008] [error] [client x.x.x.x] PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/po/public_html/include/common.php:2460) in /home/po/public_html/photo.move.php on line 348, referer: http://xxx/photo.php?photo=14784&ver=13943

 376 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core Disable folders/albums thumbnail image ClosedDevel9 Task Description

It would be nice to have a gui element for enable/disable the folders/albums thumbnail image. It can be slow and generates unnecessary traffic (for me) if you have a slow internet connection (for example a GPRS-connection with a mobile phone).

 375 Bug ReportLowUser Interface Missing Localization Closed2.36 Task Description

There'a non-localized string in common.php in function "display_photo_index_status".

See patches...

 374 Bug ReportLowWeb site function site_display_random_photos Closed2.364 Task Description

Using the function site_display_random_photos doesn't work. in addition, all text after calling this function is invisible.

best regards,

 373 Bug ReportLowUser Interface Two other things.... ClosedDevel5
 372 Bug ReportMediumImport invalid filename?? ClosedDevel2
 371 Bug ReportLowDatabase For case insesnitive and not strict search in russian ClosedDevel4
 370 Bug ReportMediumBackend / Core Can`t empty trash in v2.36-rc2 ClosedDevel2
369Bug ReportLowBackend / Coreadd a 'ignore' field to profile itemsNew2.35
 368 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Import of JPG+RAW pictures ClosedDevel1
 367 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core Failed to update database Closed2.354
 366 Bug ReportCriticalItalian Registration/Confirmation mail doesn't arrive correctly Closed2.35
 365 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core Use of GraphicsMagick doesn't work Closed2.35
 364 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Show location in Google Maps ClosedDevel1
 363 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core php forms do not seem to work on Ubuntu 8.04 under vmwa ...Closed2.352
 362 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Search with tag cloud ClosedDevel1
 361 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Modifying of manufactures ClosedDevel8
 360 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Modifying of manufactures Closed2.351
 359 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core Add a 'bulk rotate' command. Closed2.35
358Feature RequestLowUser InterfaceAdd a 'fast tagging' UI to the listing pages.New2.354
 357 Feature RequestLowImport Precedence of metadata ClosedDevel1
 356 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core Installation problems po-2.35b on Ubuntu Closed2.351
 355 Bug ReportLowInstaller Installer in Trunk r2032 errors without explanation. ClosedDevel2
 354 Bug ReportLowUser Interface Separation of UI framework and index page content Closed2.351
 353 Bug ReportLowUser Interface "Select all" in search/slideview does nothing Closed2.351
 352 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core When Editing User, Generated Email always says bulk upl ...Closed2.351
 351 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core $po_options["local_bulk_upload_path"] gets clobbered in ...ClosedDevel1
 350 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core Edit of "My Profile" doesn't work ClosedDevel6
 349 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Checkout / Offline work with portion of organizer... Closed2.352
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