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 91 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core XML 'title' not being imported properly. Closed2.31a3 Task Description

I've re-run the same XML with the corrections and it's imported fine,
however one last thing - the "title" tag of the photo is not read in.
I've tried it as <photo title="(title)"> and
<photo><title>(title)</title></photo> - but the latter fails the
integrity checks (presumably as it's incorrect according to the DTD),
and the former is just ignored.

<photo title="Christmas tree!"> ??

125Feature RequestLowBackend / CoreXML export should include "human-readable" values.NewStable Task Description

instead of <location id="23" />, we should say something like: <location id="23" name="downtown Nowhere, USA" />

for all non-textual datatypes.

Otherwise, we need to export the database tables for these values to mean anything, and this isn't currently possible.

443Bug ReportLowBackend / CoreWrong user name displayedUnconfirmed2.37 Task Description

In tab My Folders or My Datebook, logged in user name displayed instead of owner user name under 'I am a client of the following users', nevertheless the link is correct. Here is my quick and dirty solution.

--- include/contacts.php.orig
+++ include/contacts.php
@@ -117,7 +117,8 @@
$owner = "";

- $all_subscribed_users = pg_query($database, " select identifier, users, last_name, first_name, date_of_creation, value from view_client where client='$my_user_id' and status!='4' $owner ");
+ $all_subscribed_users = pg_query($database, " select view_client.identifier, view_client.users, view_contact_info.last_name, view_contact_info.first_name, view_client.date_of_creation, view_client.value from view_client, view_contact_info where view_client.client='$my_user_id' and view_client.users=view_contact_info.identifier and status!='4' $owner ");
$num_of_subscribed_users = pg_num_rows($all_subscribed_users);

if ($num_of_subscribed_users) {

 450 Bug ReportMediumUser Interface wrong real name display in "I am a client of the follow ...Closed2.371 Task Description

Assume, I am a client "adent" subscribed to one user "fprefect".
When viewing "My Folder", i.e. user.php?user=adent,
at the bottom it says:

I am a client of the following users
User status registration date
Dent, Arthur Accepted May 9, 2011

As far as I understand the source, this is because the function "display_protected_photographers" gets its information from the db view "view_client", which contains real name data from the client of that client-relation; instead of the user of the client relation. This is because in the where clause of "view_client" it says "client.client = users.identifier".

This problem did no arise in 2.35, where "display_protected_photographers" used the db view "view_users_subscribed_to", that does nearly the same as the new "view_client" but stated "client.users = users.identifier".


 282 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core Wrong option label at brochure printing Closed2.33 Task Description

The option for printing the caption in a brochure is labeled as "camera".

 286 Feature RequestLowUser Interface Word-wrap in tooltip ClosedDevel4 Task Description

I have photo captions with 200 characters or more. In the slide view the caption is shown as tooltip, but if the caption is too long, it will be cut off, because the tooltip doesn't fit in the browser window.

It would be nice if the lines in the tooltip have a word-wrap.

 324 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core When no title/caption for an image is given, use its or ...Closed2.351 Task Description

This ought to help a little bit; if nothing else a bazillion 'no title' pages is rather silly.

(it should reflect the *version* filename)

 352 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core When Editing User, Generated Email always says bulk upl ...Closed2.351 Task Description

When editing a user, the admin pages says that bulk uploads are enabled. but the email generated says disabled.

 47 Bug ReportLowUser Interface When deleting/moving images from a folder/album, rememb ...ClosedDevel Task Description

going back to the start is a PITA.

 140 Bug ReportCriticalUser Interface Web installer fails to recognise $install_enabled Closed2.33-rc21 Task Description

As noted on #po-devel:

Web installer always says "Install disabled. please set $install_enabled=1 in config_site.php if you wish to run the installer." regardless of $install_enabled setting in config_site.php.


install.php, lines 477-480 is the check if $install_enabled is 1, but you're not actually including the config file(s) until line 489, so $install_enabled is unset.
Move lines 477-480 (the check for $install_enabled != 1) to after line 489.

 388 Bug ReportLowImport Watermarking source bug Closed2.362 Task Description

I'm not completely sure if this is a bug or by design, but it prevents using a trasparent watermark which is driving me batty :p. When PO calls composite to watermark an image it is referencing the PREVIEW image of the watermark instead of the original image. This means if I upload a transparent PNG or GIF that it won't be transparent and looks weird to say the least.

Code currently supplies the following:
/usr/bin/composite -gravity 'southeast' -watermark '20' '/storage/photoorg/v0150/00001/20891_20763_2_preview.jpeg' '/storage/photoorg/v0150/00001/20900_20766_2_preview.jpeg' -quality '85' '/storage/photoorg/v0150/00001/20900_20766_2_preview.jpeg'

"Should" be:
/usr/bin/composite -gravity 'southeast' -watermark '20' '/storage/photoorg/v0150/00001/20891_o_original.png' '/storage/photoorg/v0150/00001/20900_20766_2_preview.jpeg' -quality '85' '/storage/photoorg/v0150/00001/20900_20766_2_preview.jpeg'

 301 Bug ReportLowUser Interface Viewing "detail_info" tabs on photo forgets what album  ...Closed2.341 Task Description

When browsing an album, if you click on a photo - the photo.php page correctly knows that you came from an album. This is reflected in the URL, the "breadcrumb" navigator, and in the back/next buttons. However, clicking on one of the "detail_info" buttons (Versions, for example) doesn't include the album_id in the URL, which then drops you into the *folder* for the picture. You may or may not have rights to view the folder that you are now in.

I made some minor changes to the photo.php file which seemed to fix the problem:

1) Just before the code that draws the list items for the detail_info tabs, I added the following:

if ($album_id) {
$album_string = "&amp;album=" . $album_id;

2) Each list item is constructed as follows (I added line breaks for ease of reading here)

print "<li $here><a $here href=\"photo.php?photo=$photo_id&amp;ver=$version&amp;detail_info=1\">"
. $strings['photo']['details']
. "</a></li>";

so simply inserted the variable I created earlier into the href like so:

print "<li $here><a $here href=\"photo.php?photo=$photo_id&amp;ver=$version&amp;detail_info=1"
. $album_string
. "\">"
. $strings['photo']['details']
. "</a></li>";

If there's no $album_id, then a zero-length string is inserted and the links are unchanged. This leaves the behaviour when coming from a folder unchanged. However, when an album_id does exist (when coming from an album), the id is inserted into the URL and ensures that the resulting page is properly aware of the album.

I've attached my altered copy of the photo.php file. Note that this is from the 2.34 release and I see in svn that you've made some more recent changes. I've commented each change I've made here with my initials, so searching for "JSW" will find them all.


Justin Williams

 269 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core User selection in search dialog Closed2.34-rc31 Task Description

User with "hide on user list = yes" should not appear in the search dialog.

 287 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core User preference "bulk upload" Closed2.34-rc41 Task Description

In "Administration - Users and Clients" the "Bulk upload" is always displayed as "Disabled". If you edit the user the status ist shown correctly.

If you disable the "Bulk upload" for an user, bulk update is still possible (at least for the administrator). Is this correct?

 111 Feature RequestMediumBackend / Core Use PHP's builtin session support ClosedStable5 Task Description

The builtin session stuff, especially where shared logins are enabled, is rather kludgy.

I'd much rather use PHP's builtin session support, and eliminate PO's cobbled-together one-session-per-user nonsense.

 365 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core Use of GraphicsMagick doesn't work Closed2.35 Task Description

The use of GraphicsMagick instead of ImageMagick doesn't work because GraphicsMagick doesn't know the "-strip"-parameter to strip the image of any profiles or comments (line 1051 in import.php).

393Feature RequestLowBackend / CoreUse GPS timestamp when importing, if present.New2.361 Task Description

If we have a GPS tag, the odds are its timestamp is going to be more accurate than what the camera thinks.

Unfortunately, the GPS timestamp is reported in UTC. All dates in PO are stored sans timezone, but the odds are that you're not in GMT. So we'd need to add some sort of local time zone setting and convert the date/times as appropriate.

 72 Bug ReportMediumBackend / Core Upload of rotated jpg images appear upside down Closed2.292 Task Description

When I upload a rotated jpg image from a Nikon D70, the image appears upside down. A sample photo has been uploaded to the demo 2.30 site under user mgoroff and folder "Test images" and it behaves the same as 2.29B. The first image in that folder was upside down when uploaded, but I used rotation to correct it. The second image is the same one not rotated and is upside down.

 145 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core Update existing photo Closed2.33-rc3 Task Description

Updating an existing photo (adding som keywords) failed with:

[error] PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '}' in /home/www/doc/po/photo.edit.2.php on line 90

Tried removing the "}" shows another effect: no error anymore, but keywords are not updated ...

regards, gerd

 204 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Unify profile stuff as much as possible. ClosedDevel4 Task Description

Currently we have individual tables for cameras, lenses, filters, films, scanners, supports, and flashes.

We need to support multiple flashes, filters, and supports per image.

flashes, filters, supports, and scanners are effectively identical. These could be combined first, and eventually we could allow multiples per image.

 139 Bug ReportMediumBackend / Core Unable to logout ClosedStable Task Description

When clicking the Logout tab, you always get the login screen, even if you are already logged in. I traced this down to login.php. When you go to the login.php page from teh logout tab it does not set the "operation" parameter in the request. Therefore, at line 121 the elseif returns false (it is looking for operation==login) and the default else statement is displayed, which is a login.

There are tons of ways to get this fixed. I have included a diff which sets the operation value to "login" if it is not otherwise set. This causes the login page to check if there is a session and either display the login or logout page. I thought this was the best way as it was centralized.

The one other change in the diff is a change to remove a couple of tabs from the beginnings of lines since you seem to prefer spaces.

442Feature RequestLowUser InterfaceUI EnhancementsAssigned2.371 Task Description

This will be a placeholder for the various ideas I have for reworking parts or all of PO's UI. Ideas that are fleshed out can be moved into their own tickets for actual implementation.

* AJAX-ish tabs on the photo page
- instead of a separate page reload for each tab, load all tab info at once and let the UI manage paging.
* Client-side sorting of all tabular data
- eg folder/album listings
* Dynamic client-side pagination of the slide view
- "dump" all slides at once, and let client-side manage their pagination?
- Probably can't sort this way though
* Lightbox-esque view of photos
- Intended for guest access, hiding details of photos.
- Slideshow capabilities
- Easy navigation (eg using left/right arrows)
* Replace ad-hoc toolbars with more coherent ones
* Replace hackish button/checkbox theming script with something saner.
* Replace wz_tooltips and js_calendar with better integrated stuff.
* Modal login/password form
- pops up on top of current page
- Can force current page to reload afterwards
- What to do about 401/403 errors?
* Replace all "confirmation" pages with modal dialogs.

I'm leaning towards Query and jQueryUI for actual implementations.

Initial implementation will probably require current themes to be taken out back and shot.

 241 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core ufraw options not taken into account Closed2.34-rc2 Task Description

The "global $po_options" is missing in import_raw_decode_ufraw

patch :
Index: include/import.php
--- include/import.php (revision 1548)
+++ include/import.php (working copy)
@@ -1007,6 +1007,7 @@

function import_raw_decode_ufraw($input_file_name, $camera_input_profile, $verbose, &$image_data) {
// global $icc_profiles;
+ global $po_options;
global $sys_ufraw;
global $tmp_volume_path;
global $strings;

 86 Bug ReportMediumBackend / Core TYPO ALERT ClosedStable1 Task Description

even as I know less than nothing about PHP I think it won't manage this automagically.

You insist to include "config_site.php" at the end of include/config.php but there is only a "", two directory levels above.

Regards from the wise guy ;-)

 320 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core two password prompts on login page is confusing. Closed2.34 Task Description

If you hit a permission denied thing, it prompts you to log in or enter a password. On the same page.

Instead, if the resource is protected, it should prompt you for a password, period, and alternatively include a link to the main login page. This way there's never more than one password box on-screen.

 373 Bug ReportLowUser Interface Two other things.... ClosedDevel5
 345 Bug ReportLowUser Interface Trash folder displays incorrect image count on folderli ...Closed2.354
 322 Bug ReportMediumBackend / Core 'transfer metadata' isn't working for RAW images. Closed2.35
 217 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core Track clients associated with events. ClosedDevel4
 270 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Tooltip in list view Closed2.34-rc31
 90 Bug ReportMediumBackend / Core Times are lost when editing an image's details. Closed2.31a2
 151 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core timeout Closed2.33-rc35
 237 LowBackend / Core testing out attachments. Closed2.333
 44 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core temp files are left lying around after imports ClosedDevel1
214Feature RequestLowUser InterfaceSwitch to DHTML "tabs" on main photo page.New2.331
 312 Feature RequestLowPrint Switch internal barcode generator over to 'barcode writ ...Closed2.33
 22 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Support the UFRAW decoder ClosedDevel
 20 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core Support newer DCRAW releases ClosedDevel1
 105 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core support local (==unix socket) database connections ClosedDevel2
 292 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Support import/export of XMP sidecar files Closed2.341
 168 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Support GraphicsMagick Closed2.331
 101 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Support GPS tags ClosedDevel5
 93 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Support external authentication ClosedDevel1
 206 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Support exporting to .zip files Closed2.331
 23 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Support exiftool ClosedDevel
 527 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Support direct printing of images ClosedDevel6
 208 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core support DICOM images natively (via dcmtk) ClosedDevel2
 121 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Support BibbleLite/BibblePro for RAW decoding. ClosedStable
 394 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core Store per-folder sort order on a per-user basis. Closed2.362
 209 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Store/pass passwords either hashed ClosedDevel3
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