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 207 Bug ReportMediumBackend / Core ould not create new user entry, database error -- New i ...ClosedDevel25 Task Description

When I try to register a user using a new install, I receive this message "Could not create new user entry, database error". I cannot track down the root of this problem. I know that the database is being successfully connected to because I added a line to po_dbconnect() that displays on the top of the page when the database is connected to successfully. Is there any way to track down, more specifically what the error is? Does anyone know in what file this error originates?

Also, my database currently contains no tables. Does PO generate these tables when I add the first user or should this have happened already?

 271 Bug ReportMediumBackend / Core PHP Timeout on bulk updates with watermarking Closed2.34-rc323 Task Description

Huh... I'd like to remake some 316 watermarks in a folder, but unfortunately, the process stops after some 30+ pictures.

PHP Fatal error:
Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in
/var/www/ on line 54, referer:

The dreaded execution time again. Anything to to against it?
The machine is not *that* fast, and a large folder might take it's time...

The actual Revision is r1588 :)

 265 Bug ReportLowGerman Mistakes in German translation Closed2.34-rc322 Task Description

Here are a few mistakes in the German translation:

Picture details: Access:
original is acessible for owner only = Zugriff auf das Original nur durch den Besitzer

Photoupload: Default image properties and bulk update
Transmission Reference = [I don't know what "Transmission Reference is! Can you explain it to me in simple words?]

Photoupload: Default image properties: Location
unknown = unbekannt

Photoupload: Default image properties
Colorspace = Farbraum

My Profile: Manufacturers
All Manufacturers in the System = Bekannte Hersteller im System

My Profile:
Supports = Zubehör
support types = Zubehör Typen
New Support type = Neuer Zubehör Typ
Support specific data = Zubehörspezifische Daten

My settings: Identification:
Hide on user list = In Benutzerliste verstecken
Password (confirm) = Passwort (Bestätigung)

My settings: Photoupload
Quality = Qualität

My settings:
Calendar = Kalender

My settings: Photoupload: Raw decoder options:
Import embedded preview = Eingebettetes JPEG importieren
Brightness (dcraw) = Helligkeit (dcraw)
Gamma linearity (ufraw) = Gamma-Linearität

8Feature RequestLowBackend / CoreBetter permission hierarchyAssignedDevel21 Task Description

Right now there are three permissions -- public, private, and "protected", which equates to "public only to all of my clients"

This is pretty lousy; I can certianly envision scenarios where you'd want a client to only see stuff that's specific to that client. To do this now, you have to create separate accounts and mark clients for those specific accounts.

I'd like to see a more generic hierarchical user/group model. Only the photo owner can make changes to their images, but the permission model would break down as follows:

Permissions would be granted on a per-group basis, and individual users can be members of various groups. "Guest" access would just be another group, and would default to assigned.

A permission is inherited; so if "guest" is granted access to the top-level folder, they would be allowed to see everything below it unless a more restrictive permission was specified. This is sort of similar to unix permissions with the "sticky bit" turned on.

This gets a little tricky when talking about folders vs albums, as a user may not be allowed to browse the folder, but the image could be included in a public album. When viewing the image from the folder perspective, it would be disallowed, but from the album perspective, it would be allowed.

EDIT: see

 117 TODOMediumDocumentation Better documentation ClosedStable19 Task Description

The documentation of PO is rather terse.

For example:

The Shop Item Generator lets you define shop items of photos that fulfill a given search criteria.
Before you can use the generator you need to create at least one shop item generator rule, which in fact is a generic shop item. You can define your Shop Categories and Shop Items in Your Profile.
After you created some rules you can apply one or more of these rules on photos by selecting the search criteria and pressing the Submit button."

I still have no clue as to what this is about.

What is needed is a good description of what a shop is, how it works. What items are and how these are managed and used by the owner and the clients. Basically, PO is missing a high level overview of its parts, what they are, what they are for, how they work and then how to use them. Assume the audience to be completely ignorant, because even if they are not, you might not mean the same thing when you use the same words.

 2 Feature RequestLowUser Interface Add Internationalization support ClosedDevel16 Task Description

Currently all strings are hardcoded into the various scripts and themes. First we'll need to split out all strings, then we can start adding translations.

 150 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core Button "Move to" results in Logout Closed2.33-rc315 Task Description

- uploaded new photos in a new folder
- go to this folder and display the photos
- select one of them, select "Trash" (or another folder)
- press "Move to" results in displaying the logout page (login.php?reason=1) not in moving the selected photo
folder and photos are created/uploaded after installing 2.33-rc3

trying the same on a folder and photo, which exist before updating, the button works as expected (in test folder was only one photo). Reproducable with different browser.

regards, Gerd

 42 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Add a bulk upload client. ClosedDevel13 Task Description

It would be nice, eh?

 311 Bug ReportHighInstaller fresh install hangs on sql/db error Closed2.3412 Task Description

Hi, I was doing a new install 2.34b from scratch on a OpenSuse 10.0. Following the install guide, then calling po/install.php. Result:

Upgrading from Photo Organizer version 2.33

* Upgrading database structure...OK
* Upgrading database data...

-- FAILED: update folder set date_changed = (select max(date_of_creation) from folder f2 where f2.parent_folder = folder.identifier) where date_changed is null


FEHLER: could not open relation with OID 23434
CONTEXT: SQL-Anweisung »SELECT 1 FROM ONLY "public"."users" x WHERE "identifier" = $1 FOR UPDATE OF x«

No idea what that could be...

 330 Bug ReportCriticalImport Import of big images fail. Closed2.3511 Task Description

I try to import an image larger than 10 Mb. The result is the same for all images larger than 10 Mb

The image is not imported and the result is as follows.

Importing 'DSC_1803.NEF' (Nikon Raw Format) into folder Testing.

* Extracting Image Metadata (EXIF) ... done
* Extracting Image Metadata (XMP) ... done
* Extracting Image Metadata (IPTC) ... done
* ERROR: current transaction is aborted, commands ignored until end of transaction block
* Failed to update database.

insert into photo
(identifier, users, folder, location,
caption, date_of_exposure, access_rights, copyright_statement,
views, hide_original, author, title,
caption_writer, category, credit, source,
headline, instructions, transmission_reference,
supplemental_category, web_statement, store_url, comments)
values (748, '2', '12', 0,
'', '2007-12-23 15:59:29', '1', 'Copyright (c) 2008 Rolf Cronberg',
0, 't', 'Rolf Cronberg', 'ERIK CRONBERG',
'', '', '', '',
'', '', '',
'', '', '', '')

* Cleaning up the mess.

All images imported.

 7 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Generate a hi-res JPEG from RAW images ClosedDevel11 Task Description

We generate "thumbnail" and "preview" images for all images we upload, and we can download the original, full-res version. However, with RAW images, this is suboptimal, as we'd then need to process the RAW image into a usable JPEG.

Add the ability to generate a full-res JPEG from RAW images, and make the RAW download itself optional. Perhaps we could implement this using the whole "image version" thing?

 167 Feature RequestLowImport Image import/processing in parallel Closed2.3310 Task Description

For those of us with multiprocessor/multicore systems it would be really nice if PO could process more than one image at the same time.

It would save a lot of time when importing large batches of images.

Perhaps the simplest way to do this would be to rewrite the import loop to "submit" images to the backend, instead of processing them in said loop.

 181 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core Handle UTF-8 encoded IPTC+XMP data. ClosedDevel10 Task Description

IPTC and XMP data that's encoded via UTF-8 doesn't properly import, with the database barfing on the actual import due to illegal characters.

Theoretically XMP and IPTC data can have encoding tags, but in practice nobody uses them. We need to detect the charset and convert to UTF-8 before we can shove anything in the database.

 439 Bug ReportHighBackend / Core photos not shown after update  Closed2.379 Task Description


after update from 2.36 to 2.37 photos are not visible anymore.
The first try of update failed with an error at "DROP OPERATOR ||| (character varying, character varying)". Verifying the staetment on the command line show operator does not exist. After commenting out this line the update was succesfull (no error messages).
No errors are shown postgres or webserver log.

Different behaviour, depended if logged or not:
not logged in: only numbers of photos shown
logged in: after click on number a three available sizes are shown, click on one of them give : "Warning: ini_set() [ref.outcontrol]: Cannot change zlib.output_compression - headers already sent in /home/www/ on line 59" whcih is confusing - zlib is available and compress_pages is off

regards, Gerd

 212 Bug ReportMediumRendering Buttons look weird in devel r1328 ClosedDevel9 Task Description

Buttons look weired in version r1328. Please see attached pictures.

The first picture is with FireFox and the second is with IE 7.0.5730.11:

 210 Feature RequestLowInstaller Re-base intial SQL data ClosedDevel9 Task Description

For new installations we start with a PO 2.05 schema+data and then apply each new version in turn. This is quite silly, and makes installations much more complex than necessary.


The install needs to be re-worked so that it installs the latest complete schema in its entirety, plus any necessary data. Upgrades would be applied via a similar mechanism.


This also lets us cut out a considerable amount of historical cruft; there are many tables that are set up only to be deleted later, and a great deal of migration code that is not necessary on a new install.

 376 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core Disable folders/albums thumbnail image ClosedDevel9 Task Description

It would be nice to have a gui element for enable/disable the folders/albums thumbnail image. It can be slow and generates unnecessary traffic (for me) if you have a slow internet connection (for example a GPRS-connection with a mobile phone).

 211 Bug ReportMediumBackend / Core Fields cannot be updated for a single picture ClosedDevel8 Task Description

I tried to change the access type of a couple of photos from public to private. The operation fails. There is a red line at the top of the new page with the text "Failed to update database" in yellow. Bulk updates seem to work. I have also tested the title and caption fields.

 228 Bug ReportMediumBackend / Core Cannot import NEF raw when orientation is portrait Closed2.34-rc18 Task Description

when trying to upload NEF raw images (nikon) shoted in portrait mode, the "transfering metadata" phase fail.

Importing 'DSC_0019.NEF' (Nikon Raw Format) into folder test .

* Extracting Image Metadata (EXIF) ... done
* Extracting Image Metadata (XMP) ... done
* Extracting Image Metadata (IPTC) ... done
* Copying original image DSC_0019.NEF into repository ... done
* Decoding RAW image using ExifTool ... done.
* Decoding RAW image using ufraw ... done.
* Generating preview image ... done. (700 pixels)
* Transferring metadata ... failed.

/usr/bin/exiftool -q -overwrite_original -Orientation=1 -n '/data/photoorganizer_image_repository/v0000/00001/42_2.jpeg'

* Cleaning up the mess.

No problem with landscape ones

 293 Bug ReportMediumInstaller installation issue Closed2.348 Task Description

Chose severity because 2.33 is still working!

Did a new 2.34a-aside-installation. Everything went well with installation.

First login as user.
When I go to "My Folders" it does not show up any but gives me the correct count of images, folders and albums.
When I go to users it shows only me.

Then I tried a login as admin.
After login-page it comes up with a "Failed to update database"
I'm almost sure, it didn't show this on first login, but from then it did on every.
User page shows only me (this time the admin-user) again.

I guess there went something wrong while installation but i need a hint.

I did the installation on gentoo by hand. PHP and Postgres are recent versions. I attach my config_site.php. Ask, if you need any more information.

 83 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core No image or thumbnail displayed after a photo upload Closed2.31a8 Task Description


After a photo upload, no thumbnail or image can be viewed. I only view a blank image.
But if I look in image repositories, all images or thumbnails can correctly be viewed with an appropriate software.
This behaviour is identical under IE and Firefox.

Best Regard.

 299 Bug ReportLowImport error while import photo with gps data Closed2.348 Task Description

in some cases the import of photos with integrated GPS data (camera: Nikon D200) fails with
ERROR: invalid byte sequence for encoding "UTF8": 0xc729 HINT: This error can also happen if the byte sequence does not match the encoding expected by the server, which is controlled by "client_encoding"
(full message and example file attached)


 361 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Modifying of manufactures ClosedDevel8 Task Description

Users of type "Administrator" should be able to modify all manufactures in "My Profile".

 113 Bug ReportHighBackend / Core camera edit doesn't respect owner ClosedStable7 Task Description

someone can edit a camera they don't own.

397Feature RequestMediumImportImport of metadata from programs like Raw TherapeeUnconfirmed2.367 Task Description

Some programs like Raw Therapee creates a file to store all metadata to convert a raw file to a jpg file. To repeat the convert process (with or without slightly differences) it would be nice if I'm able to store such metadata with variants at the side of the original picture.

From other programs that storing data in a database, it would be possible to read out the data from the DB and storing metadata into xml-files and backwards.

 412 Bug ReportMediumDatabase Recursive redundancies make it impossible to restore an ...Closed2.367
 14 Feature RequestLowUser Interface Finish CSS-ifying the user interface ClosedDevel7
 266 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Sorting the folder list Closed2.34-rc37
 295 Bug ReportLowUser Interface Awkward switch from album view to folder view when upda ...Closed2.347
 321 Bug ReportLowImport Error when add a new version of a photo Closed2.357
 380 Bug ReportLowUser Interface Another one Closed2.367
390Feature RequestLowBackend / Coregps data in a spatial enabled database?Unconfirmed2.367
 62 Feature RequestMediumBackend / Core Rewrite installer to use *anything* other than tcsh ClosedStable6
11Feature RequestLowBackend / CoreClean up database conventionsAssignedDevel6
 110 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core better error codes on permission/not founds.. ClosedStable6
180Feature RequestLowDatabaseBreak out the statistics dataNew2.336
184Feature RequestLowUser InterfaceFormat (film size) editingUnconfirmed2.336
 219 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Make it possible for users to put other people's photos ...ClosedDevel6
 350 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core Edit of "My Profile" doesn't work ClosedDevel6
 465 Bug ReportLowRendering CSS flaw?? Closed2.376
 527 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Support direct printing of images ClosedDevel6
 106 Bug ReportCriticalBackend / Core Install creates wrong directory structure in repository Closed2.32a5
 384 Bug ReportCriticalDatabase PO does not create database tables on remote PostgreSQL ...Closed2.365
 92 Bug ReportMediumBackend / Core Adding a folder failed Closed2.31a5
 111 Feature RequestMediumBackend / Core Use PHP's builtin session support ClosedStable5
 333 Bug ReportMediumBackend / Core Import does not work when exif "Focal Length" does not  ...ClosedDevel5
 13 Feature RequestLowBackend / Core Rework spooling ClosedDevel5
 78 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core Failed imports with some images ClosedDevel5
89Feature RequestLowBackend / Coreallow advanced search on any database fieldAssignedDevel5
 95 Bug ReportLowBackend / Core Editing Front Page results in browser error Closed2.31b5
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