Gutenprint / CUPS Dye-sublimation drivers

This is my personal to-do list for printer-related tasks, encompassing both Gutenprint ( development and CUPS backend work (

ID Task Type Category Summary Status Last Edited
683Feature RequestMitsubishi CP-Dxx familyFirmware update support on Mitsubishi modelsNew2024-01-01 Task Description

Such as the CP-D70 series.

682Feature RequestKodak 605/70xxFirmware update support on Sinfonia modelsResearching2024-01-06 Task Description

(Includes rebranded variants like Kodaks..)

681Feature RequestHiTi familyFirmware update support on HiTi modelsNew2024-01-01 Task Description

no task description

680Feature RequestShinko CHC-S6145/S2245Support Panorama on Kodak 6900/6950 modelsNew2024-01-07 Task Description

These variations of the S2245 can generate multi-panel panoramas.

No idea how this implemented yet.

678Feature RequestHiTi familyFigure out what the 'p' 'm' and 'r' quality identifier ...Researching2023-12-15 Task Description

h == Normal Quality

q == High Quality

p/m/r == ???


There's also the LUT files with H/M/T quality codes.

677Feature RequestShinko CHC-S6245/ Kodak 8810Support updating lamination data on Sinfonia models (ie...New2023-10-30 Task Description

The EK8810 (and likely others) allow the current lamination data to be updated/replaced.

This potentially allows for a partial matte feature on all of these printers.

674Feature RequestOther printersSupport iDRPT 4x6 printer (Zeva 1966)New2023-09-27 Task Description

4x6, sheet fed, has USB port.

673Bug ReportOther printersSupport more modern Kodak Dock printersNew2023-09-27 Task Description

Dock Plus, Dock Premium.

Might be wifi only though.

672Feature RequestOther printersInvestigate HP Sprocket Studio printersNew2023-09-27 Task Description

Similar to the SELPHY models, 4x6" print sheet fed.

Might be wifi only.

671Feature RequestHiTi familySupport P110 familyNew2023-09-10 Task Description

HiTi has a binary-only driver for this.

Unlikely to see support given its age and limited media availability.

670Feature RequestHiTi familySupport P530DWaiting on Customer2023-09-10 Task Description

Duplexing 6" model. Unfortunately will need sniffs.

669Feature RequestHiTi familySupport X610Waiting on Customer2023-09-10 Task Description

Three-head high-speed model capable of near-arbitary print lengths.

668Feature RequestDNP/CitizenSupport Fujifilm ASK-400Waiting on Customer2023-12-31 Task Description

Appears to be a rebadged Citizen CX-02 / DNP DS620

Main questions are what the VID/PID/IEEE1284 IDs are, and what firmware features were stripped out vs the other models.

(Eg rewind support, partial matte, and more)


667Feature RequestOther printersSupport Liele Amber / M200 (4x6)New2023-09-27 Task Description

It's more or less equivalen tto the SELPHY series.  1280px wide print head, 300x300 dpi.


666Feature RequestOther printersSupport Kodak D4600Requires testing2023-10-01 Task Description

This is a rebadged version of the Mitsubishi CP-W5000.   It likely has a unique USB VID/PID but it may also require tweaks to the command stream.

Until someone pops up with one of these, it's not going to happen.

665Feature RequestHiTi familySupprt "sheet" models like the P310 and P320 series.Waiting on Customer2023-06-12 Task Description

I have a P461 now, and it's different enough to be annoying.

Turns out there are three major families, "roll type", "sheet type" and "card type" and the commands aren't all the same.  !%!%#

663Feature RequestCommon CodeMake backend capable of parsing PPD optionsNew2021-10-28 Task Description

The goal here is to make FastReturn a runtime option specified through the PPD, as not every spool file format can be extended to add this awareness.

Implementing this would probaably reqire the backend to depend on libcups and its PPD/option parsing stuff.


662Feature RequestCommon CodeAdd support for more STATEs and ATTRibutesNew2021-09-30 Task Description

Most of these wll need to be added on a per-family basis, though some at least can be handled in the markers code.

From CUPS:

cover-open, input-tray-missing, marker-supply-empty, marker-supply-low, media-empty, paused, timed-out


other, door-open, interlock-open, media-jam, media-low, output-tray-missing, shutdown,

Modern CUPS:

marker-print-ribbon-almost-empty, marker-print-ribbon-empty, marker-print-ribbon-missing, output-tray-missing, power-down, power-up, subunit-warming-up, document-format-error (?)

660Feature RequestMitsubishi CP-Dxx familyFigure out how to decode cut count and skip count on D7...New2021-05-16 Task Description

Cut count is on all of them but the guess is that it's only present in the eeprom dump rather than per-deck info.

Skip count is on all printers that can rewind (I think) -- ie K60, D80, EK305.  Also probably only in the eeprom dump instead of per-deck info.

659Feature RequestKodak 605/70xxsupport "watermarking" on the EK70xx seriesWaiting on Customer2022-06-24 Task Description

Kodak's feature set refers to a textual "watermark" on the print surface.  This is presumably the same as DNP's "parial matte" feature.

Figure out how to mak ethis happen.

658Feature RequestDNP/CitizenSupport the citizen cx-02-sWaiting on Customer2023-10-01 Task Description

it's an "enhanced" verison of the CX02, but it supports sticker media.  Figure out if it has a different USB ID and what all needs changing.

657Feature RequestMitsubishi CP-Dxx familyQuery and set vertical calibrationAssigned2021-05-16 Task Description

A user has a EK305 that cuts about 1mm off.  Mitsubshi's service manuals reference a "Service Tool" that can adjust this calibration (and other things)

656TODOMitsubishi CP-Dxx familyValidate / Test Fujifilm ASK-500Waiting on Customer2021-03-31 Task Description

It's a rebadged CP-M1.  Backend support is theoretically complete (except for the USB VID/PID).  No gutenprint frontend work yet; I'll hold off on that until I know the backend functions properly.

655TODOCanon Selphy CP/ESFigure out if matte printing is possible on SelphyNeo m...New2022-11-26 Task Description

If you print from the printer's UI, it allows you to select various overcoat patterns -- glossy, a matte-like texture, a finer matte texture, and for some, a fine grid pattern.

The windows drivers don't seem to export this at all.  See if this is a fluke.

654TODOOther printersValidate / Test Nidac Copal printersRequires testing2023-10-01 Task Description

DPB-4000 aka Fujifilm ASK4000 aka DNP Q8.

DPB-6000 aka Fujifilm ASK2000

DPB-7000 aka Fujifilm ASK2500


All models are in Gutenprint, and DBP-6000 is reported to work without any special backend.  But I want to confirm the rest work, and maybe write a backend so we can run status queries etc?

653Feature RequestMitsubishi MedSciImplement Sharpening on the CP9xxx and CP30 printer fam...New2020-12-06
652Feature RequestSony UP-D printersPrint combining for UP-DR200New2020-12-02
651Feature RequestSony UP-D printersbrightness/contrast, etc on the UP-D898 familyNew2021-09-08
649TODOShinko CHC-S6145/S2245Support the Kodak 6900/6950 and HiTi M610Requires testing2021-08-13
641TODOCommon CodeRewrite README into more structured ocumentationNew2020-03-05
634Feature RequestShinko CHC-S6245/ Kodak 8810Support Panorama sizes on EK8810Requires testing2024-01-21
632Feature RequestMitsubishi CP-Dxx familySupport Panorama on CP-D90DW familyRequires testing2024-01-21
630TODOCanon Selphy CP/ESInvestigate port 59223 on wifi-enabled Selphy modelsResearching2021-06-10
629Feature RequestHiTi familySupport the HiTi CS-2xx card models.Waiting on Customer2023-11-30
624Feature RequestKodak 605/70xxFigure out backprinting on Kodak 7010 and 7015Requires testing2019-09-23
613Feature RequestMitsubishi CP-Dxx familyFigure out how to pipeline jobs with D70 familyNew2021-02-20
608TODOCommon CodeMake Gutenprint more cross-compile friendlyNew2020-03-27
588Bug ReportMagicard familyRegistration/Alignment issue with Black planeNew2018-01-04
585Feature RequestZebra printersAdd support for Zebra ID card printers.New2020-03-17
580Bug ReportCanon Selphy CP/ESDetect when on battery power and handle it gracefullyNew2022-12-12
572Feature RequestMitsubishi MedSciFigure out how to set printer sharpening on the P95DNew2020-02-27
569Feature RequestMitsubishi CP9xxx familyFigure out image processing algorithms for CP-98xx fami...Requires testing2023-11-25
568TODOMitsubishi CP-Dxx familyFigure out how to set the "user string" that's supposed...New2017-03-23
567Feature RequestMitsubishi CP-Dxx familyFigure out how to query the overall job status on the D...New2017-03-23
565Feature RequestMitsubishi CP9xxx familyCP-9600 family supposedly supports some sort of multicu...New2017-03-23
557Feature RequestSony UP-D printersInvestigate Sony DPP-FP30New2019-03-26
556Feature RequestSony UP-D printersstatus queries and flow controlResearching2021-08-15
548Feature RequestShinko CHC-S6145/S2245Add support for Sinfonia CHC-S6145-5A (aka CS2-c)New2019-06-04
537Feature RequestOther printersWrite backend for Shinko DP-1045 and Kodak D4000Waiting on Customer2023-10-01
520Feature RequestSony UP-D printersInvestigate Sony UP-CR20L aka DNP SL-20Requires testing2020-11-10
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