CUPS Dyesub Backends

This is my personal to-do list for printer-related tasks, encompassing both changes to Gutenprint ( and the CUPS backends (

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 486 Feature RequestKodak 6800/6850 Add support for Kodak 6850 Closed2013-07-27 Task Description

The Kodak 6850 uses an identical spool format. Somehow obtain sniffs of the printing sequence and update the spooler as necessary.

 485 Feature RequestKodak 1400/805 Add support for the Kodak 805 Closed2013-07-18 Task Description

The 805 uses an identical spool format as the 1400, and is phyiscally an updated model.

Obtain a sniff of a print under Windows, and update the backend to work as appropriate, or write a new spooler if the format is radically different.

 484 Bug ReportCanon Selphy CP/ES CP-10 hangs after first print Closed2014-01-28 Task Description

Not sure why. Perhaps a USB sniff under Windows would be helpful.

 483 TODOCanon Selphy CP/ES Verify CP810 Closed2014-01-30 Task Description

CP810 is supported but untested.

 482 TODOCanon Selphy CP/ES Verify CP600 Closed2014-01-30 Task Description

CP600 is supported but untested

 481 TODOCanon Selphy CP/ES Verify CP530 Closed2014-01-30 Task Description

CP530 is supported but untested.

 480 TODOCanon Selphy CP/ES Verify CP-220 Closed2014-01-30 Task Description

CP-220 is supported but untested.

479TODOCanon Selphy CP/ESVerify ES20, CP-220, CP530, CP600, CP810Requires testing2014-01-30 Task Description

All are supposedly supported, but nobody's reported test results.

 478 TODOCanon Selphy CP/ES Need USB ID for SELPHY CP790 Closed2014-01-27 Task Description

Without it, we can't add support.

 477 TODOCanon Selphy CP/ES Need USB ID for SELPHY CP520 Closed2014-05-18 Task Description

Unknown USB IDs.

 476 Bug ReportShinko CHC-S2145 s2145 hangs on subsequent requests Closed2013-07-16 Task Description

The first request succeeds, but subsequent requests hang when trying to talk to the printer.

I suspect what's going on here is that the response buffers we're posting are simply too small and the printer loses its mind.

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